Bed Bath & Beyond - Give Us More!

This morning marked the fourth time this month that I've waltzed through Bed Bath and Beyond searching for something homey to use in our house. My idea was to furnish our bathroom with accents, towels and rugs, but each time I attempted to shop I swore I'd bring a coupon and purchase it during another visit. The first time I played it safe with much-needed kitchen gadgets, but I'm now officially sick of going in that store and coming out with nothing. My list of grievances:

1.    Your prices are outrageous.

Curtains? $39.99 per panel. Cheapie fake-wood round side table? $120. Hand towels with a spot of embroidery? $14.99. Since Linens 'n Things went under you're enjoying raking it in and we're tired of paying for the monopoly. 

Coupons are harder to find and now have more restrictions.
This is the biggest part of the game. Mark up merchandise 20% and then make your customers track down coupons to pay regular price. You aren't the only gig in town pulling that stunt, but I'm tired of the shenanigans. Mark it appropriately and ditch the coupons, or forget my business. Plus the 20% off coupons have more limitations--after an expiration date, they devalue to 10% off. 


3.    The mile-high mounds of junk in the aisles are a big turn-off.
It's sensory overload even to those of us who don't suffer from an attention disorder. I don't care about the latest As-Seen-On-TV kid-smartening contraption and I give a rip about the PediEgg. Clear the crap to make it more of a true home furnishings atmosphere.


4.    The areas of most interest (textiles and home accents) are sparse.
Target and Kohl's have larger selections of bath products and bedding products than you do. Maybe I'm out on a limb here, but Bed Bath and Beyond makes me think of bed and bath products. Again, clear the gunk and stick to your name.

This is how far $121.35 went at Bed Bath and Beyond: 



But that's not all! I need some wall art and two more rugs, which would put me at around $100 more. So I'm packing up the family and we're heading to Target this afternoon to see if we can't beat that pitiful arrangement with better accents and lower price tag.

I'm officially off my soapbox. At least for now. 



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