12 Items You Need For The Best Tailgate Ever

Football season has officially begun and the art of tailgating is in full swing. It's time to take your parking lot party to the next level with these must-have items for your tailgate. 

1. Glow Stick Party Cups

glow stick party cups

Be ready for night games with these multi-color glow stick party cups.

2. Giant Fist Coozie 

giant fist coozie

This just looks obnoxiously fun.

3. Cooler Scooter

cooler with wheels
Let's face it. 
No one likes being stuck with carrying the cooler. Avoid the back pain and transport your beverages with a Cooler Scooter. While they can be a tad pricey, use a 
Walmart discount gift card to help cut the cost. 

4. NFL Slow Cooker

Steelers Crockpot
Nothing screams 'ultimate fan' more than heating your pulled pork, chili and meatballs in an NFL slow cooker. Granny tip: how do you keep your food warm if there are no electrical outlets near your tailgate? Plug power inverter into your vehicle's lighter socket. 

5. The Go Plate

The Go Plate

Why didn't I think of this idea? The Go Plate is perfect to keep your beverage and food all in one place. 

6. Portable Grill

portable Cardinals grill
Lugging your heavy duty grill to the tailgate gets difficult. Save space and make life easy with this portable grill customized with your favorite team from Bed Bath & Beyond. Remember that you can combine Bed Bath & Beyond discount gift card with coupons for a cost-effective deal 

7. NFL Sports Cooler

NFL sports cooler
Keep beverages cold and rep your team all at once. Granny tip: use the cooler as a seat when the lid is on. 


8. Outdoor Pizza Oven

outdoor pizza oven
Want something other than burgers and hot dogs on game day? Make pizza for your guests with an outdoor pizza oven. I found this PizzaQue Outdoor Pizza Oven on sale for $119.88 that can be purchased with a Cabela's discount gift card 

9. Inflatable Goal Post Cooler

inflatable goal post cooler 
Liven up your tailgate with this inflatable cooler.   

10. Camo Beverage Belt

beverage belt
This cleverly designed device is great for hands-free action. And if you're really, really thirsty.  

11. Giant Jenga 

Towering Timbers

Because who doesn't love to play Jenga? 

12. Cornhole LED Lights 

cornhole LED lights 

Have you seen these LED lights? Put them on the underside of the board and light up the opening so you can play all night.  

Are you a tailgate expert? Comment and share your favorite party essentials.