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8 Black Friday Hacks You Will Regret Not Using

Finding the best deals on Black Friday can be stressful. How do you know that you’re getting the lowest price? Make it easy on yourself. Use these 8 fail-proof tips to save big on gifts for the holiday season.

Get The Best Deals On Black Friday

1. CamelCamelCamel

Believe it or not, Amazon often fluctuates their prices. CamelCamelCamel is a browser extension and app that tracks the price of an item on Amazon, allowing users to determine the best time to buy. 

2. Price-Protection Credit Cards

woman using computer
Certain credit cards such as Discover, Citi and Chase provide price-protection on purchases. What does that mean? If you purchase an item and the price drops, this feature will refund the difference of the cost. However, price-protection is not automatic and is only applicable during a certain period of time; usually within 60 to 90-days. Review your credit card’s policies for limitations and directions.

3. Discount Gift Cards

Get the best deal when using discount gift cards on your Black Friday purchases. Savings can yield anywhere between 3% to 50% depending on the brand, card value and percentage off. Combine your discount gift cards with Black Friday sales and coupons to stack up the ultimate discount.

Kohl's Gift Card

13% off

JCPenney Gift Card

17% off

4. Paribus

woman holding present and credit card
Paribus is a program that tracks price drops. The program scans your credit card statements and inbox for previous purchases. When a price drop occurs, Paribus then files the refund request for you. This is a great tool to use in conjunction with your price-protection credit cards. The only kicker? Paribus keeps 25% of the refund amount.

5. Price-Comparison App

man using cell phone
Even though you may think you’re getting the best deal, you can oftentimes find the item for less at another store or on Amazon. Use a price-comparison app and scan the product barcode to find the best price before making a purchase.

Granny tip: many of the price-check apps offer rewards. Download a few different apps to determine which you prefer and start earning points for gift cards or rebates.

6. Sign Up For Loyalty Programs

The majority of stores offer free loyalty programs. Sign up to receive coupons and points for your Black Friday purchases.

Granny tip: there is a Granny reward program, too! Sign up and earn points when you buy discount gift cards.

Gap Gift Card

20% off

Walmart Gift Card

4% off

Target Gift Card

20% off


7. Price Matching Is A No-Go On Black Friday

Don’t bother price matching on Black Friday. Many stores have a disclaimer that do not allow price matching on certain days, including Black Friday. This is where the price-comparison apps come in handy.

8. Shop Online

woman shopping online for the holidays
Avoid the hassle and early-morning wake-up call. Find the same sales online in the comfort of your own home. Keep in mind that some items are unavailable online including door busters and in-store only products.

Use these tips and learn how to save big on Black Friday.

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