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Card Avenue: A New Kind of Gift Registry?

Card Avenue Gift Registry LogoSay goodbye to forced smiles and fake enthusiasm. Forget about gushing over gifts like personalized beach towels and spice racks. Card Avenue is a novel new way for you to get the things you really want using its free gift card registry.

What's a Gift Card Registry?
A gift card registry has several advantages over traditional gift registries. Because nearly 75 percent of couples are living together before they get married, most of the household basics are covered. What many couples are after are big ticket items like sofas and televisions. Most of the time, those items are too expensive to ask for, and it's still in poor taste to request cash. That's where the gift card registry comes in. It's a place where friends and family can help you get the expensive items you need by purchasing gift cards, which you can combine for larger-ticket items. Gift cards can also be exchanged for cash, and are easily mailed.

How Does it Work?

Creating a gift card registry at Card Avenue is really easy. All you have to do is sign up, select the stores from which you want to receive gift cards, and send the registry link to your guests. They can log-in and see what you've requested and how much other guests have already contributed. Finding the gift cards is easy, too. There are links for each merchant to help you find gift cards straight from the store or discount gift cards that can save anywhere from 5 percent to 50 percent.

If you're still curious how it works, check out this sample gift card registry.

How's it Helpful?
Some may think asking for gift cards is tacky, but the benefits work both ways. With traditional registries, the less expensive presents get gobbled up quickly. This leaves gift givers with a choice: Go way over budget or take a risk with a surprise present.

A gift card registry easily eliminates the whole issue. Guests give what they can afford without guilt and know it will contribute towards something the recipient really wanted.

Who Can Use it?
While gift card registries at Card Avenue are most often created for weddings, you can use them for just about any event imaginable, including birthdays, baby showers, graduations and anniversaries. The "Occasions" page provides a useful list of stores commonly associated with specific events.

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I was able to sell/trade gift cards on Card Avenue before it was revamped be a gift card registry. I had situation once in 2008 of a past seller who did not have gift card they had listed and I already sent the gift card and the boxed-bag that went with it. When I received the gift card back but with no boxed-bag Card Avenue customer were fantastic in offering to refund me the cost of the box-bag!
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I am interested in creating a Card Avenue gift card registry.