5 Cities To Visit On A Shoestring Budget

Staying in luxury hotels and eating at Michelin starred restaurants can cost a pretty penny. But who’s to say you can’t have a great vacation on a smaller budget? There’s no need to cut down on your travels because you can’t afford to go to the most luxurious destinations. Here are cities that have a lot to offer for a reasonable price.  

San Antonio, Texas
The Alamo is one of the United States’ biggest tourist attractions, and it’s completely free to visit. But there’s more to San Antonio than just the Alamo. The city offers a great mix of American and Mexican cultures. The San Antonio Riverwalk has a stellar reputation as a tourist attraction for a good reason, and it costs nothing to take a stroll down it. 

Santa Fe, New Mexico
Going west from San Antonio, Santa Fe is a city that’s famed for its art scene. If you’re an art lover, walking down the Canyon Road, Santa Fe’s artsiest street, will be a dream come true. The Museum of Contemporary Native Art is a destination for anyone interested in learning more about the modern Native American culture. Plus, Albuquerque is close with its very affordable hotel rates. 

Phoenix, Arizona
Phoenix makes the list of the great cheap places to travel in the United States because of affordable airfare and hotels. And you’ll want to go and stay there if you’re a lover of the performing arts. The city has a lively music scene, and it’s a regular stop for many famous artists. If performing arts are not your cup of tea, make sure you’re in Phoenix on the first Friday of the month for some city-wide gallery hopping. Also, Phoenix is sunny 300 days of the year, and the nature around it is stunning. 

Kansas City, Missouri
Kansas City has plenty to offer for free or on the cheap. There’s a bustling craft beer scene in the city. The city is renowned for its barbeque-influenced cuisine. It’s also a great city for sports lovers. And bike lovers too, because it’s the home of the Harley-Davidson Plant. History buffs can visit the National World War I Museum, and music lovers can visit the American Jazz Museum. And that’s just scratching the surface of reasons to go to Kansas City.

Indianapolis, Indiana
If you’re planning a cheap getaway with a family that includes kids, Indianapolis is a great destination for you. The city boasts the world’s biggest Children’s Museum. It has a very affordable bike-share system, which will come in handy if you want to explore the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. Stop by the Rhythm Discover Center if your kids want to try out some percussive instruments, or take them to the Indianapolis Zoo and the International Orangutan Center to see some amazing animals.