College Packing List

Packing for college can be tough. What do you fit in a room the size of a closet?!

 you bring that medal you won during track and field day in ninth gradeHow about the painting from your eleventh grade art class? Or your softball shirt from last year's championship game 
Whether you're a seasoned senior or a first-year freshmandon't clutter up your space with unnecessary items. Use the lists below to help you pack the essentials for dorm living  
Granny tip: print this easy checklist to use as your shopping guide and packing list. Remember to coordinate with your roommate to avoid duplicating items (ie microwave, ironing board, etc). 
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college checklist
Dorm Room Checklist 

  1. Bedding (twin XL): twin sheets, comforter, blanket, mattress cover Pillows 
  2. Towels & washcloths 
  3. Shower shoes 
  4. Shower caddy 
  5. Toiletries 
  6. First-aid kit 
  7. Robe 
  8. Slippers 
  9. Seasonal wardrobe 
  10. Hangers 
  11. Small trash can 
  12. Desk lamp 
  13. Removable wall hooks 
  14. Under the bed storage containers 
  15. Dry erase board 
  16. Fan 
  17. Full length mirror 
  18. Photos 

Dorm Kitchen Supplies

  1. Microwave (hello, Easy Mac) 
  2. Mini fridge (confirm whether or not this is provided in the room) 
  3. Small coffee maker 
  4. Blender 
  5. Utensils or plastic ware 
  6. Plates, bowls and cups (plastic or paper) 
  7. Can opener 
  8. Reusable water bottle 
  9. Plastic baggies 

Dorm Tech Necessities

  1. TV 
  2. MP3 player 
  3. Headphones 
  4. Power strip 
  5. Extension cord 

School Supplies 

  1. Computer
  2. Printer (save money by printing at the on-campus computer labs) 
  3. Flash drive 
  4. Pens 
  5. Binders 
  6. Highlighters 
  7. Sticky notes 
  8. Backpack  

Cleaning & Laundry Supplies 

  1. Laundry detergent 
  2. Fabric softener or dryer sheets 
  3. Stain remover 
  4. Laundry bag 
  5. Quarters (and lots of 'em) 
  6. Dish detergent 
  7. Disinfecting wipes 
  8. Paper towels 
  9. Small vacuum 


  1. Health insurance card 
  2. Driver's license