10 Cheap And Easy Ways To Decorate Your Pumpkin For Halloween

Make Halloween simple with these 10 easy ways to decorate your pumpkin.

1. Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster
This Cookie Monster pumpkin is quick and easy. The project took only 20 minutes and less than $15. Check out our video for step by step directions.

Granny tip: we have two bottles of paint in the video but only one is needed!

2. Mummy Pumpkins

pumpkin wrapped in gauze
It's amazing what you can do with a little gauze and plastic eyes!


3. Ice Cream Cones

ice cream cone pumpkinsDon't feel as if you need to find the largest pumpkin at the patch. These little guys make for the cutest ice cream cones!

4. Stockings

pumpkin decorated with tightsWho would've thought that a pair of old stocking could be used to decorate a pumpkin?

Granny tip: use a medium or large pumpkin so the stocking details will show.

5. Thumb Tacks

thumb tacksThumb tacks are an inexpensive decorating option. Paint your pumpkin to add some color and make the thumb tacks pop against the background.

6.Cookie Cutters

cookie cutter pumpkinCookie cutters aren't just for baking! Once you've removed the seeds, pick a cookie cutter of your choice and gently tap it through your pumpkin.


7. Power Drill

power drill Instead of chiseling and cutting with a pattern, plug in your power drill and go to town.

8. Doilies

doiliesFabric or paper doilies make for a unique look in hardly any time.

9. Glitter

glitter butterfliesIt's amazing what a can of glitter spray paint can do.

10. Duct Tape

duct tapeIn a time crunch? Duct tape is a quick, non-messy decorating solution. 

Do you have any go-to decorating ideas for Halloween? Share in the comments below.