Discount Gift Card Garden-Revealed!

Beastly would be the best descriptor for Hubs. At one point we think he had a neck, but his traps quickly overtook it around third grade. All that remains are layers upon layers of muscle with triceps bigger than my thighs. These are all very good qualities when it comes to digging flowerbeds and landscaping.


In just five hours Hubs dug out 35x5 feet of sod. Well, I did help, I wheeled nearly eleven wheelbarrow loads of dirt from one of the beds on the first day, but apparently it's not as impressive as I'd like for it to be. That's about half a yard in the dirt world. Garden work is completely brutal and makes one feel totally at odds with the magnitude of creation. Let's just say I've pondered deep, sweaty thoughts this week.


Home Depot gift cards and merchandise credits have been much more popular lately than they were two months ago when I purchased mine. Explanation? It's home improvement season! Folks have mobbed the nursery and are spending in full force to plant some green. So the 8-9% off I got several weeks ago is now 6-7% off.


With the money I saved I purchased one rose bush and flat of annuals--not so shabby. It seems that seasonal gift card buying makes a difference in discounts.


We have some very generous friends who own a landscaping and dirt company. (This is all starting to sound shady--Rich Uncle, Rich Friends.) Our friends gave us the majority (but not all) of our mulch, dirt and paver stones for virtually nothing. And Hubs was the one hauling it from the truck to the garage. Sometimes it's really frustrating to be pregnant and sit on the sidelines.


So far we've used:

  • 30 bags of mulch
  • 20 bags of dirt
  • 1/2 pallet flat rock
  • 3 rolls weed-block cloth
  • 5 red tipped bushes
  • 6 gardenia bushes
  • 3 knock out rose bushes
  • 3 flats of lantana
  • copious amounts of sweat and Gatorade


We knocked it out inch by inch since last weekend to be ready for our garage sale this Saturday. Just as a reminder, this is what we started with:


Ready...set...reveal the new and improved Grimaldo casa!



Feel free to ooh and ahh. We did a truckload of work over five days. It's always a bit of a let down immediately after planting a garden--shrubs are still babies and the bushes look so puny. But after a year of maturity this will be a bustling hotbed of color and vibrancy! I'll definitely stick with discount gift cards for home improvement needs after the challenge.

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