Garage Sale Savings

Somehow, in my not-so-clear pregnant brain, I figured this past Saturday would be the best time to have a garage sale. So in the midst of watching the Zoolander hunk like a hawk for any recurring seizure episodes and taking on the bulk of our exquisite gift card landscaping project, I was collecting home rejects for our yard sale extravaganza. Thanks to Sweet Grandma and Bubba we got things in order, otherwise I would have had to run on fumes and four-letter words to get the job done.

The resulting crop? $569.10. Holy cow! That's some serious lawn sale cash. To be honest, I'm not even sure how we made that much, although we did have a Wii game system, several large furniture items, and some nice baby things. It was well worth the push.

Some of our proceeds were spent for us within an hour after the garage sale. Sweet Girl and I were cuddling on her bed before naptime, snuggling up to her favorite literature, when she readjusted herself on the pillow and shoved a corner of the book smack into my eye. After excruciating pain for two hours I sucked it up and headed to the optometrist who first commented "Oh boy, oh boy!" and then remarked that most people close their eyes faster than that. So encouraging. $155 later for the office visit and antibiotics we are down to $300 in profit. At least I can finally open my eye now.

We did spend some money later that day, but not from the garage sale. I still had $52.45 in Home Depot gift cards, so we purchased a fancy hose roller, watering wand and another decorative hose attachment for the other side of the house--all of which ran just $2 over the gift card balance. I also need to return a flat of begonias, which will add another $14.70 to my credit.
With my remaining garage sale cash I plan on catching up for next month's expenses with:

  • 20% off Footlocker at Plastic Jungle, $48 in value for $38. Hubs needs new sneakers.
  • $85 for $100 in food at Omaha Steaks. We've ordered from Omaha before and are impressed with the quality.
  • 7% off a Lowe's gift card valued at $40.16. They have the best knock out roses.
  • I'll try to bid on an gift card. Best deals out there on diapers and organic food with the Subscribe and Save option with the Moms Club.

Later today I'll return frames I bought from Target, but I don't have my receipt. In the past Target has been notoriously stingy about accepting returns without a receipt or payment by credit card. So I'm planning on girding my loins and sticking out my pregnant belly for extra sympathy.



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