Gift Card Challenge Update - Week 1

My dear, sweet Cousin Erin was my right-hand gal the last four days, which was great because Hubs had to run sound for a beer festival and bands playing at the World's Largest Pillow Fight. He often has late nights, being an audio and lighting engineer, so it was awesome that she could fill in many gaps.

And yes...we spent some discounted dough. Just how much? Here's a rundown of the highlights:


  • Bed Bath and Beyond
    $61.65"”I originally intended to buy a Dutch oven, but those suckers are beyond pricey. So I bought some much-needed kitchen goods: whisk, stainless steel spatula, expandable strainer, super-thin cutting boards, and a tomato growing kit. The last one being a total impulse buy. My two-year-old got so excited and I thought I'd be a bad mom if I didn't get her something so educational. Yes, I'm a sucker.
  • Chick-fil-a
    $11.71"”My absolute favorite family dig of all time! I can eat a char-grilled chicken and fruit salad and give the kids lightly breaded nuggets (made with real meat) and they served it with a sweet side of "it's my pleasure". Too bad that's the end of that discounted gift card. They're a bit tough to find, so I have an alert set up when the pop up.
  • Red Lobster
    $41"”This experience was too much for words (see Red Mobster post), but they have the market cornered on garlic cheese bread. There goes my processed food for the week!
  • Target
    $31.28"”Two bags of baked veggie crisps, eggs, mozarella, headache meds, and baby wipes. We are big fans of the Up & Up brand unscented wipes. They are far superior to any other generic and don't wreak of fake baby smell. I haven't found a better deal on the same quality of wipes anywhere else.
  • Ann Taylor Loft
    $37.30"”When you find a top that you know will be a favorite for years, it's worth more than clearance price. I've purchased many a "good deal" that turns out being a total waste because I never wear it. This awesome top is super cute, looks great on a pregnant belly and looks even better on a flat tummy. Cousin Erin's with me on this one--she had already bought the same shirt in warm iron.
  • Home Depot
    $31.23"”Spring was in the air at our local home store. I couldn't resist buying more fresh herbs and a proper window planter. I'm banking on my grandfather's green thumb to have somehow wormed its way into my gene pool. Here's to a long, happy existence for our newly adopted basil, dill, oregano, parsley and patio tomatoes.
  • Babies 'R Us Online
    $50"”This was my easiest experience yet. From the comfort of my pajamas and bad breath I ordered a gift for my sister-in-law's baby shower with an e-gift card. All I had to do was copy and paste the code and pin number during checkout and voila! Free shipping on top of that made it even easier.


And I'm super excited for another $50 to Red Lobster and $100 to Home Depot that arrived today from! I needed a bit more restaurant gift card money and Home Depot to finish out our landscaping project. I think $350 should do it.

There was one other time we ate at a place that I didn't have a discounted gift card for"”Buffalo Wild Wings. Too bad I hadn't already purchased one of four cards available right now at Gift Card Granny. But a big thanks anyway to Cousin Erin for picking up the tab.



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On Bed, Bath & Beyond, don't forget to use the 20% off one item coupons. My store in Seal Beach, CA allows shoppers to use an unlimited number of 20% off one item coupons, and also expired coupons are able to be used too. So, don't throw out the expired BBB coupons you get in the mail. E-Bay is also a good resource in case you aren't getting any BBB coupons in the mail. However you can sign-up at the BBB website and start to get them through the mail easily. Bye, OC Steve