Gift Card Mall Review: Know Where To Shop

Here’s an interesting thing. There’s a brand called Gift Card Mall that sells gift cards at face value. You see their cards on big racks in grocery, convenience and drug stores. They also sell gift cards online at and a few other places.

Not so interesting, you say? Well here’s the catch: Their shipping rates are totally confusing and, if you’re not familiar with the system, you could end up paying for something that's available for free.

We’re not knocking the site. It's straightforward, helpful and it sells fresh cards that have never been purchased before. But upon furrther review their shipping charges vary based on the site you purchase from.

It works this way: Visit and purchase a card. Click through to checkout and you’ll find a shipping charge of $1.99 per card added to your account. That’s $1.99 each! And there’s no discount for multiple cards. You’d pay $27.86 to have 14 cards shipped standard USPS. That’s just $1.99 x 14. No discount at all.

But hold onto your hats because here’s where it gets interesting. You can purchase a card from Gift Card Mall on and pay just $1.00 per shipment plus $0.50 per card. Buy from the Gift Card Mall store on eBay and you'll pay $1.99 for shipping per card. Just a few weeks ago you could buy that same card on eBay with free shipping.

Alternatively, you can buy a card directly from the merchant and, in most cases, pay nada, zip, zero for the same form of delivery since most merchants offer free shipping on gift cards.

We just thought you might like to know.