Great Gap Beginnings

Today's the day! Gift cards we're totally snug as bugs in rugs yesterday in my wallet. Not so this morning! My expanding midsection is in desperate need of non-holey clothing. Seriously, the armpits in every maternity top I own iare gaping open and I'm pretty sure it's because the gift cards have burned holes through them. We need sewn garments stat!

I've been trying to just buy larger clothing this time around (or use the post prego stuff again), but many tops aren't long enough. Motherhood Maternity has some decent offerings, but when I'm in the mood to splurge on lasting pregnancy wear, I head to the Gap.

Thankfully I don't have to splurge as much. If I can stick to finding good deals, I take an automatic 10-percent off my total with the $50 Gap card I got from Plastic Jungle for $45. I started a hefty pile after three minutes in Gap Maternity, along with a lingering thought that "since I have a gift card, I can afford to go over and pay some extra if I find good stuff." That's how long it took me to fall off the tightwad bandwagon. Resist! The only way to make this work is by not going overboard and pay out of pocket.

And the winners are...

Gift Card Granny Day 1: Gap Savings

So...I definitely need to take profile pictures only. Sheesh. Who's the cow that consumed my body?!? At least all four pieces are super comfy. But I have a solid pair of panel jeans already, so I'm going for both tops and the skirt. Since it's a Buy Two Get One Free sale, I squeaked out of Gap right at $50, including tax. That's about $16.50 per item of clothing.

This Gift Card Challenge is a lot more fun than I thought it would be! Updated card with new balance of 58¢--yes I'll be using it with my other Gap card later on--and we're heading back home with a need-to-nap toddler.


- Ashley