How Do Electronic Gift Cards Work

Wondering how electronic gift card works? Read the tips below to learn details such as how to use them to make a purchase, how they’re sent and what happens when you can’t find your card.

What Is An Electronic Gift Card

An electronic gift card is a code sent to a recipient via an electronic platform. They are also referred to as digital, electronic, virtual or mobile gift cards.

How Do You Send An Electronic Gift Card

An electronic gift card can be sent through email, text or app. Depending on the retailer, delivery can occur in minutes or take up to 24 hours.

How Do You Redeem An Electronic Gift Card

When checking out, provide the gift card number or upload the gift card to your account. Each retailer has their own process but should be similar to both of the processes listed.

When at the register, redeem your electronic gift card by showing the eGift card on your digital device. Another option, dependent on the retailer, is to print the electronic gift card details and bring it to the store. Be mindful that some electronic gift cards can only be used towards an online purchase. Confirm with the retailer’s customer service for details.

You’ve Misplaced Your Electronic Gift Card

The retailer’s customer service may be able to resend your eGift card. Check your spam and promotions folders if the card was delivered through email.