How To Check My Visa Gift Card Balance

Visa gift cards are among the most popular gift cards (if not the most popular) in the United States. They are often purchased as a gift but in many cases are also purchased and used as a prepaid card solution. Visa gift cards are commonly bought in-store at your favorite convenience store, grocery store or even from one of the many online gift card retailers.

There are very few restrictions as to what you can buy or where Visa gift cards are accepted. They are essentially a preloaded credit card and taken any business that accepts cards.

However, despite their popularity, many people face issues with checking the balance of their Visa gift cards. As a result, many funds go unused. Card recipients and owners often wonder and say to themselves, “How much money do I even have left on this card?”...Don’t let this be you!

While you may not have the exact amount memorized down to the penny, knowing and tracking the balance of your Visa gift card is important!

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Ways To Check Balance Of Visa Gift Card 

1. Check Balance Of Your Card By Phone

Visa provides a toll-free number on the back of plastic cards which customers can call and check the balance. Before calling, be sure to have your 16-digit card number and CVN (3-digit security code located on the back of the card) available to quickly key into your phone. Since this service is automated, you can access your balance at any time of the day. 

2. Check Balance Of Your Card Online

Retailers offer the option to check a gift card balance online. Visit the retailer’s website from which the card was purchased and type in your card number to view the balance and transaction history. Note that this service is also available for plastic gift cards. 

3. Check Balance Of Your Visa eGift Card

Wondering how much funds are available on your eGift card? Similar to a plastic gift card, you can track your eGift card balance by phone or online through the retailer's website. In order to check the card balance, be sure to have the card number and security code.  

Now, isn’t that easy as pie? No longer will you be left wondering how much money is on your card! Let us know how we can help with other questions about your Visa gift card with a comment below. And don’t leave those funds unused - they’re burning a hole in your pocket!

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