Ways To Receive An American Eagle Discount And Other Money-Saving Hacks

You may think that what I’m about to say is an exaggeration but I promise you it isn’t. There was a time in my life where nearly every article of clothing I would have on was purchased from American Eagle. And although I didn’t say every single piece, it was pretty darn close. I’ll even go as far as saying my hair clips were from there. Socks and shoes? You betcha. 

To set the scene, this was around the highly popular time of the whole Bath & Body Works’ ‘90s scents. Yep; I’m talkin’ the days of Sun-Ripened Raspberry and Cucumber Melon. Baby tees and platform sandals. Scrunchies and Lip Smacker. And who can forget Covergirl’s Lipslicks. The color “Hint Of Shimmering Sandstone” was literally the ONE to own. I recently learned that my best friend has a stack of at least six of those Lipslicks in her basement. Because, let’s face it…you never know when you’ll need it. In case you were wondering, Lipslicks are literally selling for $23.99 on eBay. What?!

Needless to say, American Eagle has withstood the test of time. Can you believe they’ve been around since 1977? Headquartered in Pittsburgh, the company has expanded to include aerie and Tailgate. 

Man Shopping At American Eagle

How To Get An American Eagle Discount

Okay it’s time for some self-reflection. I’m going to need you to ask yourself these questions: 

  1. “Do I find myself checking ae.com approximately 19 times a day?”
  2. “Am I hiding American Eagle receipts from my friends, family or significant other?”
  3. “Am I spending the majority of my paycheck at American Eagle?” 

If the answer is yes to any of the above, you may want to check out these money-saving tips. I’ve even thrown in some FAQs such as, ‘does American Eagle have a military discount?,’ ‘what’s the lowdown on the American Eagle return policy?’ and ‘how do I check my American Eagle gift card balance?“ 

Only Shop During An American Eagle Sale

I know this may seem obvious but it’s true. It’s extremely easy to browse through the store and get caught up in new arrivals or featured items on endcaps. Nice try, AE. Nice try. Stay strong and wait until you receive a coupon or they have a sale. 

I’ve also found that sometimes they’ll offer an online only sale; for example, they currently have 25 to 60 percent off everything. Of course there are exclusions in place but it even includes new arrivals. 

American Eagle Jean Sale

Wait For The American Eagle Jeans Sale

AE is currently running an online offer for 25% off women’s jeans, dropping the average price to $37.46. Not too shabby if you ask me. But I bet we can find an even better price. Sometimes AE will throw us a bone and offer 60 percent off their denim. Is that a rare occasion? Yes. But if you’re lucky you may be able to find a pair for $29.99 in their clearance section.

Bonus tip: AE currently has a promotion where customers receive $10 off a new pair of jeans when they bring in an old pair of jeans. The initiative is a partnership with Cotton’s Blue Jeans Go Green program where jeans are recycled into housing insulation. Sounds like a win-win to me.

American Eagle FAQs (And Some Myths):

Some insider tips and tricks you should know.

Does American Eagle have a military discount?

Yes; a 20% discount is applied with a valid military ID. I’ve verified this information with a representative from their customer service team. 

Does American Eagle have free returns?

Returns made in-store are free. Note that online orders can be returned in-store for free however, if you ship your items back you will have to pay.

What companies does American Eagle own?

American Eagle owns aerie and Tailgate. Each brand is known for their specific style. For example, aerie sells undergarments and swim, mainly targeting females aged 15 to 24. Tailgate offers MLB, NBA and college apparel for both women and men.

Martin + Osa, a brand of clothing by American Eagle, was previously under their umbrella but ceased operations in 2010. Additionally, 77kids was a children’s line owned by AEO however, the brand was sold to Ezrani 2 Corp.

How to check your American Eagle gift card.

Have a gift card that’s burning a hole in your pocket? Make sure you know how much you have before you start shopping. There are multiple ways to check the balance of your gift card; online, at a retail location or via the phone. 

Woman Checking American Eagle Gift Card Balance

How to check your American Eagle gift card balance online:

How to check your American Eagle gift card balance via the phone:

  • Step 1: Find the store credit number and PIN code located on the back of your card; you’ll have to scratch off the label covering the PIN code
  • Step 2: Call 1-877-274-3004
  • Step 3: Input the store credit number and PIN code when prompted

How to check your Forever 21 gift card balance in-store:

  • Step 1: See an associate for assistance

Have any tips? I’d love to hear. Please share in the comments below.