How To Save Money At McDonald's

The Golden Arches. Home of the infamous Big Mac and Happy Meal. And who could forget about the Shamrock Shake?!

A lot has changed at McDonald’s over the years. At one time, the the dollar menu was replaced by McPick 2. Quarter Pounder patties grew larger in size. And more importantly, breakfast is now served all day. You’ve probably also noticed that the McDonald's menu has significantly changed. According to The Wall Street Journal, the 85-item menu jumped to 121 items in just seven years.

Luckily, you can still find a great deal at McDonald’s even with so many more options to choose from. Save on your next McDonald's trip with freebies, deals, and discounts.

McDonald's Senior Discount

The majority of McDonald’s are franchised. Because of this, senior discounts are based on the owner’s discretion. The best option is to check with the manager at the McDonald's location you're visiting. Some examples of senior discounts offered at particpating locations include a free soft drink or free coffee. Since a senior discount isn’t guaranteed, be sure to use the tips below for the best deals at McDonald’s.

McDonald's Freebies and Deals

Download The McDonald's App
1. Did you know that McDonald’s has an app?
2. Did you know that you can get free food with the app?!

View the entire McDonald's menu, order and pay all on the McDonald's app. Furthermore, you get exclusive coupons like BOGO deals and free food for using it. 

McDonald's Dollar Menu

The $1 $2 $3 Dollar Menu is McDonald's revamped version of the old school dollar menu. Menu items vary by location but you're sure to find something for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Check Circulars And Sunday Flyers
Junk mail can be annoying...unless it’s full of fast food coupons! Remember to check your weekly circulars and Sunday newspaper flyers for McDonald’s coupons.

Receive Email Alerts
Have the latest and greatest coupons sent directly to your inbox with McDonald’s email alerts.

Did we miss anything? Do you know of any other money-saving tips at McDonald's? Share your suggestions with others in the comments below.