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How To Sell Gift Cards Online

Now that Christmas is over, it's time to go to the store and redeem the gift cards you received! However, every once in awhile you'll get a gift card you won't use. It could be a store you don't normally shop at or a restaurant that's three hours away. Either way, there's nothing worse than a wasted gift card. So what should you do?

Sell your unwanted gift cards for cash with Gift Card Granny!

cash for gift cards 

How To Sell Your Gift Card

Visit and click on Sell Gift Cards.

Step 1: Find your gift card brand. Choose from multiple stores. 
Step 2: Enter the gift card balance. If the amount is unknown, do a gift card balance check online
Step 3: View your offers. You can either sell it now to receive payment within days, name your price to personally list and manage your card online or trade in and choose from dozens of popular retail gift cards.

Now how easy is that?

There is no reason to throw that gift card in a drawer. visit and get cash quickly and easily!