Redeem Your eBay Gift Card In Minutes

Updated 9/30/2020

eBay is great for buying and selling nearly anything. From electronics to sporting goods, they have it all! If you're one of the lucky shoppers who has an eBay gift card, it's time to put it to use! The steps below will help you easily redeem your eBay gift card.

How to redeem an eBay gift card.

  1. Visit
  2. When you’re ready to check out, click the ‘Pay now’ button
  3. Type in the gift card code in the ‘Redeem a Gift Card, certificate or coupon’ 
  4. Hit the ‘Apply’ button and then the ‘Continue’ button
  5. Click ‘Confirm payment’

FYI: You can use up to 4 eBay gift cards towards your purchase.

Common eBay Gift Card Questions

Does my eBay gift card expire?

No. eBay gift cards do not expire.

Do I need to pay a maintenance fee?

No. There are no maintenance fees associated with your eBay gift card.

What if my eBay gift card is worth more than my order?

Not to worry! Any remaining balance on your eBay gift card will be saved inside your eBay account. 

What if there's a problem using my gift card?

Some troubleshooting tips when using an eBay gift card include:

  • Check your eBay gift card balance first before trying to redeem.
  • Your eBay account must be registered in the U.S. with a U.S. shipping address.
  • You cannot use an eBay gift card on select items such as: gift cards, gift certificates, or any forms of currency.
  • Make sure you're aware of eBay's time and spending threshold limits on gift cards.

To help assist you with any questions you may have, feel free to visit the eBay gift card FAQs page for more information.