Pinching Pennies

We are close to full lock-down on gift card spending at this point! My last dime has been spent at Albertson's on groceries and we only have two restaurant gift cards left. And this amount has to go for another 8 days. Sheesh.

Even with the cards I have, we have some options on how to maximize them.

Cracker Barrel $3.63 A friend of mine has a birthday coming up and Cracker Barrel sells decent greeting cards. I think I can score a card for about this amount...or at least a side of sausage if I get desperate.

Bed Bath and Beyond $16.66"”On the last purchase I bought some lovely acrylic cups a welcome mat for the back patio. The cups get the job done nicely (we bought 12 @ $2.99 ea.) but the mat is just plain puny. I accidentally bought a removable mat that goes into a larger rubber piece. With a 20% off coupon I can buy the rubber part with my remaining balance on the Bed Bath and Beyond gift card.

Shell Gas $25 
No problem here. We aren't planning any more random Lady Gaga road trips, so around town piddling can be limited as needed to conserve what's left on the Shell gas gift card.

Red Lobster $59 At some point this week we will return to Red Lobster with our little red mobsters. Note to self: ask if anything comes without swimming in a vat of butter. And take more entertaining devices for the kiddies.

Starbucks $4.56"”This has been my favorite card so far and I'll be sad to see it go. I was surprised I still had a balance on it. But I registered it for some additional perks, like a free birthday drink, so we can look forward to that. Next February.

Home Depot $125.70"”Landscaping is chugging along slowly but surely. We bought several annuals, red tip bushes, gardenias, lantana, roses and hibiscus for the lawn. However we still need to fill the other bed with garden soil and mulch, so we'll be cutting it down to the wire. Unless we can find some rocks down by the creek, I doubt we'll have enough left on the Home Depot gift card to make a border.

Walgreens $3.54 Not sure yet how to spend this small amount. I'm sure I'll go over a couple of bucks, but in a pinch I can grab a box of Kashi cereal for the kids. Or, if we're fine on food, I can grab a bottle of spring nail polish from Walgreens.

Cinemark Movie Passes (2) "”There's no rush on this one, but Rango is next up in the queue. Too bad they didn't sell babysitting gift cards with movie passes.

Chili's $12.20 
One entree plus kid's meal. This will be a perfect lunch out this week. Dare me to go out with 2.5 kids under 2 years old? Watch me.