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Raise Promo Codes

Believe it or not you can get extra savings on your already discounted gift cards. Want to know how? With promo codes!

How do Raise promo codes work?
Sellers, such as Raise, will oftentimes share gift card coupons and codes for brands with high inventory. This helps the seller get rid of an abundance of cards but it also benefits you by providing an additional discount on your purchase.

How much can you save?
Raise promo

Raise promo codes offer savings of anywhere between an extra 1% to 3% off select brands. However, there are occasions when a 4% discount is available.

Where can I find a Raise promo code?
Raise has a dedicated sale section that features their specials. 

Does Raise currently have any promos?
Save an extra 1% off on select brands from Raise.
Promo code: RAISE1

New users save $10 off a $15 purchase when signing up for an account. 
Promo code: N/A 

Get $5 when you refer a friend.  
Promo code: N/A 

Granny Tip: Not all promotions are available in their sale section. Sign up for Raise newsletters and receive their latest promotions directly to your email inbox.

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JULY 2015-code that works!! Go to Settings in your Raise Account and click "Claim Referal" and enter LDOBBS. Get $5 free credit at checkout.
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I purchased a BWW Gift Card on December 4th 2014. Did not try to use until January 22, 2015. When I tried to use it - it had zero balance. What appears to have happened was the seller used the balance on the card on December 24th, 2014. It looks as if I was sold the gift card before it was in the hands of the seller (gift card granny). I was refunded the full amount but had I not sent cash with my son for security measures, he would not have had any way to pay for his dinner. Moral to the story, check balance of card prior to using. I did not!!! I have ask and others have had zero balance also and were refunded. Don't know if I will purchase gift cards online again.
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Doesn't work Granny. You must be off your rocker! (just kidding of course)
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this promo does not work