Turn Your Unwanted Plastics into Paper Money

Do you have a gift card taking up space in your purse or wallet? Could you use some
extra money to buy something you’ve had your eye on?  This Granny knows exactly what you want. No more socks, just cold hard cash!

Gift cards are one of the easiest items to gift, however sometimes we receive ones that we will never use. Aunt Sue gave you another Bath & Body Works gift card but you have a stock pile of smelly soaps and lotions from past birthdays and holidays to last you over three years.  Or maybe you received an Olive Garden gift card from your company as a performance incentive but there isn't an Olive Garden anywhere near your town. We’ve all been there.  That’s where Gift Card Granny steps in and helps you flip those cards into cash.

If you have an unwanted gift card, let us help you.  Turn that plastic into paper in three easy steps:

  1. Check out Buyback Percentages: Visit Gift Card Granny’s Sell a Gift Card page to view a list of accepted merchants and our partners’ buyback percentages.  The top payouts will be highlighted in bold purple numbers.
  2. Choose a partner:  Choose a partner whose options fit your needs best.  Most partners offer different payment types like check, PayPal, ACH, and points and will accept both plastic cards and codes.  Decide how you wish to sell your gift card and how you would like to be paid. Make sure to read the partners’ FAQs for any questions regarding the sale.
  3. Complete transaction: Click on the partner you wish to work with and complete the transaction on their website. You with either enter the gift code or mail the plastic card to receive your payment.

See, wasn’t that easy? You give one of our partners something you can’t use and you get cash in return. It’s like having a yard sale without all of the tedious work and bargaining!

Currently, our partners are on the hunt for some national brand cards to ramp up for Easter and Mother’s Day.  Do you have any of the following gift cards lying around? Cash them in now!

Macy’s – Up to 77.5% Payout

TJ Maxx - Up to 75.5% Payout

Bath & Body Works – Up to 73% Payout

Olive Garden – Up to 76.5% Payout

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I had no idea that I could get rid of unwanted gift cards like this; after my wedding my wife and I had so many that simply sat around the house unused (because they were for businesses that we don't shop at) until we lost them. It's great to know that I can get something real for them without having to use them to buy products that I don't actually want. http://www.cfcgiftcard.com
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Great idea! I always thought there ought to be a way to cash out a gift card for a place you never wanted to go. My wife loves gift cards, but we just plain don't use some of them. I'll have to show this article to her. Thanks for sharing!
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I think selling unused gift cards online is an awesome idea. There are some gift cards that I have had for awhile now that I honestly don't plan on using. It would be great to sell them. I have never really thought of buying gift cards online either. I usually receive them as a gift or if I want to get one for someone else, I usually go to the actual store. So this seems very useful! Thank you for the great suggestion.