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The Discount Gift Card Way to Save on Groceries

Couponing for food stinks. No, I haven't taken a class on it from the latest Coupon Diva and I don't intend to. I'm sure she truly does help folks save 50% off the food they typically buy. And while the Grocery Game totally rocks, I don't do that either. I may be in the frugal living minority here, but I have totally sworn off clipping for food discounts.

Here's why; Coupons aren't for fresh produce and meats. We're trying to ingest more nutritious food, and by that I mean Primal Blueprint/Paleo Diet foods. If it looks like it did when it sprang from the earth or got slaughtered, it's on the good list. I eat however much of it I want 80% of the time and accept the 20% of meals and restaurant occasions where I have to deviate for social reasons. Since starting, I haven't had nearly the stomach problems and crazy pregnancy weight gain I experienced before, when I ate more processed foods.

So this means (virtually) no dairy, gluten or grains. Which, in turn, means meats, veggies and fruits. Anyone see a coupon for $1 off apples in your P&G brand saver lately?

I do coupon when I need paper goods, deodorant, coffee and other household items. That's a no-brainer and I see a decent return on my investment in that category. But Riceroni, Betty Crocker cake mixes and instant potatoes aren't of any value to us. That's totally why my budget needs to squeeze every available dime out of food shopping.

Gift cards used in conjunction with weekly ad deals and manager's specials are the only way to save money on fresh food!

Sure, I could probably make $5 dinners every night if I incorporated a larger number of processed carbohydrates, but I'm not willing to make that a standard for our family. The only other way to save at the grocery store is by purchasing a discount gift card.

So here we are in a suped-up-car cart with the kiddies strapped up front. A sweet older gentleman commented on how happy they were and I beamed with maternal pride. But the sibling peace lasted about 35 minutes, until the smallest of the small ones, my 15-month-old Zoolander hunk, began screaming like a girl. He loves to practice his falsetto wail, especially in the grocery store. Which is why we're cutting the trip extra short today and ending with an Albertson's bill of $73.58, which I paid for with my $100 gift card from ABC Gift Cards that I got for $96.

Adore the beautiful produce drawer!

Fresh Produce

And, of course, I forgot dried cranberries and salsa. We'll be back in the next couple of days, with my soprano-in-training.


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I often get coupons on fresh produce and meat at Kroger. If you sign up for their card and check the box for mailed coupons, you can get them. I get $1 off coupons for every $5 I spend on fresh produce and meat. They also run deals on the meat often with the card. I ended up scoring 6 pounds of really nice chicken breasts for $2.69, since I also bought steaks and they were on huge discount.