The Simple Trick For Getting Target Gift Card Deals

Target is magical. It’s like the Disney World of department stores. Your happy place that allows for uninterrupted alone time.

As if the store couldn’t get any better, Target gives you FREE gift cards with certain purchases. You read that right. You can receive FREE gift cards for buying select items.

How To Get Free Target Gift Cards

Target provides promotional offers on select products throughout the store. When you purchase the specified promotional item(s), you will receive a Target gift card ranging anywhere from $5 to $150 (based on product promotion). This is a great opportunity to receive deals on every day items such as lotion, soap and razors. Receive high value gift cards when you purchase high value items such as a TV, GoPro, iPhone or Samsung product.

For example, October’s deals included a $150 gift card with the activation of an iPhone on Verizon, a $5 gift card with the purchase of 4 select Dial body wash items and a $50

Am I Required To Give Back The Free Target Gift Card If I Return My Purchase

You physically are not required to give back the gift card when returning your purchasing. However, the amount you received from the Target gift card will be subtracted from your refund.

Important Tips

Target's free gift cards with purchase are popular and can result in the items selling out quickly. Check for weekly promotions to avoid missing a deal.

What was the best Target gift card deal you’ve found? Share with others in the comments below!