Top 6 Random Gift Cards Found During the Challenge

During the search to find enough gift cards to cover our living expenses this month I ran across some big surprises--purchases that I had no clue I could use a gift card for. I searched in vain for obstetrician and babysitting cards with no luck, but I found some interesting catches, some of which I bought for this month and others I plan on using during the next quarter.


1. 1-800-FLOWERS
1-800-Flowers gift cardSo...I've been on the receiving and giving end of flowers, but gift cards for flowers? Weird. Obviously the point is to buy the gift card and then purchase flowers for someone with it. Good thing we have a baby shower this weekend and Naughty Grammy's birthday soon after. But the better thing is the discount I got for it...drumroll please...30% off! My personal stance on cut flowers is depressing--why buy something just to watch it wilt and die? I'd rather have a potted plant or something non-living than a bunch of slaughtered beauties wallowing in murky filth. Good thing other ladies in my life don't share my penchant for the macabre, so a flower shopping I will go.

2. Airline Gift Cards
Southwest Airlines Gift CardMost of these cards offer 4% off. If you book two flights, you'll at least be spared an additional luggage fee with the discount. American and I aren't on the best terms--they are stingy, unfriendly and concess nothing. We do, however, frequent the Dallas/Fort Worth airport, which is fully American Airlines. Southwest, on the other hand, full of bubbly, shorts-wearing and smiling flight attendants hangs closer to 6% off gift cards. They don't charge a penny for checked bags. Since we need to go to Denver in the next two months, and Southwest is offering awesome deals, we can score a round trip for two with two checked bags each way for $371 total. Rock on!

3. Fandango Movie Bucks
Fandango Gift CardThe Hubs and I really like going to the movies, but I never considered buying a movie gift card to purchase tickets online. It kind of makes my head hurt. But with a consistent 25% off I can easily buy and print tickets to any theater in town at a quarter of the cost. That makes room for a latte (me) or slurpee (Hubs). I usually win. Add to that the theater up the road is promoting their cafe and passed out 3 free beverage tickets. We'll both enjoy our next flick without being thirsty! Check out AMC movie rewards too for more food freebies.

4. iTunes
iTunes Gift CardThe best yet trickiest part of buying iTunes gift cards is that most of them are available on Ebay, so you have an opportunity to save up to 35% (one that actually sold recently). But you have to be patient. Keep an eye on bids during the last hour and especially the last minutes of auction. With the price of tunes up to $1.29 (for the good ones), scoring a good gift card kicks it down quite a bit.

5. Massage Envy
massageenvy Gift CardOh yes! This will be in the budget next month! These cards fly off auction like hot cakes. For a luxury like a massage, buying a discounted massage gift card is a must. There are no restrictions on what services you can apply with the gift card, but make sure to bring cash for a tip. Also, check out introductory pricing, which often includes a discount for new clients to maximize your savings.

6. Zales Jewelry

Zales Gift CardHere's a strategy, dudes. Before you propose to your sweetie, rack up a bucket full of gift cards. After all, 10% off that rock is sizeable. I'm sure you could try to equate this with couponing on a first date, but as a frugal chick myself, that's a huge turn on for marriage material. These cards go quickly, but are usually offered for large amounts, so sign up for a gift card alert and swipe them up when they come available.

Gift cards are becoming my own customized version of Groupon. If you live in a metropolitan area and can take advantage of huge group discounts for local joints, go for it. We don't have that option in Podunkville. So a giftcarding we go!

So far, so good this week. Aside from a quick romp at Motherhood maternity, setting me back my $50 gift card for Bermuda shorts and "I Love My Bump" tee, the wallet's been pretty quiet. Tonight's menu for our church group...chicken enchilada soup costing me a total of $22 to serve 14 including our discount from an Albertson's gift card. ¡Ay ay ay!


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