What To Do When You Can't Find A Bed Bath & Beyond Coupon

It's inevitable. You have stacks of Bed Bath & Beyond coupons in your wallet, junk drawer and even the back seat of your car. But what happens on that rare occasion you don’t have a coupon?

Gift Card Granny found easy, money-saving tips to help you get deals without using Bed Bath & Beyond coupons. You’ll even learn insider info about their new loyalty program.

Bed Bath & Beyond Loyalty Program 

  • Get 20% off your online or in-store purchase every time you shop.
  • Free shipping available for all of your online orders.

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. That says 20% off your purchase every single time you shop. If you think it’s too good to be true, you’re partially right. Be advised that the Bed Bath & Beyond loyalty program comes with a price tag of $29 per year. Launched in 2016, this pilot program is currently being tested by customers. Wondering why you didn’t get chosen to participate? Bed Bath & Beyond randomly sent emails asking customers to apply to the program. And while new applications are currently not accepted, they hope to soon make the program available to everyone.

Do you think that paying an annual fee for Bed Bath & Beyond coupons is a perk? That’s something for you to determine. But if you aren’t sold on the price, Granny found 7 money-saving hacks for you to save at Bed Bath & Beyond every single time you shop.

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1. Manufacturer Coupons
Bed Bath & Beyond accepts manufacturer coupons. And, believe it or not, they’ll even accept coupons from competitors.

2. Free Gift Cards
Bed Bath & Beyond sometimes offers free gift cards when you purchase certain items. Keep your eyes open for these types of promotions – they help offset the cost of future purchases or can also serve as a gift.

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3. Discount Gift Cards
A Bed Bath & Beyond discount gift card will get you a deal with every purchase. Depending on the card value and percentage off, Gift Card Granny can save you an additional 5% off your purchase.  

4. Price Matching
You should get in the habit of price checking every item you purchase. Why? Because many stores, including Bed Bath & Beyond, will match a competitor’s price.

5. Free Standard Shipping
Paying for shipping is annoying and expensive. Bed Bath & Beyond charges $5.99 for standard shipping on orders up to $28.99. Luckily they currently offer free standard shipping on orders more than $29. While there may be certain exclusions, this is a great way to cut back on your spend.

6. Price Adjustment
Save those receipts! If the price drops soon after you’ve purchased an item, Bed Bath & Beyond will offer a price adjustment as long as you have the receipt. Be mindful not to drag your feet, though. While their store policy does not specify a timeframe to receive the price adjustment, it’s best to handle as soon as possible.

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7. Expired Coupons
Don’t toss those manufacturer coupons that recently expired – you can possibly use them on your purchase! The Bed Bath & Beyond representative explained that this option is based on a store’s discrepancy and is dependent on the manager. But if there’s an option to save even more on your purchase it’s definitely worth a try!

Are you a Bed Bath & Beyond money-hacking expert? Granny would love to hear your tips. Feel free to share them in the comments below.