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Bloomingdale's Tips and Tricks

Bloomingdales offers its customers only the most exclusive pieces and collections that you won’t find anywhere else Designs are created in collaboration with your favorite designers or by their famous in-house labels. Bloomingdales has everything you need- from accessories to ready-to-wear, from contemporary to classic, from aspirational to approachable. Bloomingdale’s is one of the best known department stores in the United States and has been for over one hundred and fifty years, making a gift card the perfect gift for your loved one.

Become A Bloomingdale’s Loyalist

When using a gift card, all discounts, sales, coupons, etc. still apply. So whether you’re buying for a loved one or for yourself, becoming a loyalist will help you save even more when shopping.

Become a Loyallist to earn points while shopping for the things you love—no matter how you pay. Loyalists have a number of different perks and ways to utilize their perks. You get at least one point for every dollar spent at stores, outlets, and Earn double points on all shoes, cosmetics, and fragrances every day. Additionally, each month you get an exclusive ‘Perk of the Month’ sent to your inbox. Not to mention you have the chance to earn double, triple, and power points during exclusive events and you get free shipping every day with no minimum purchase required.

If you spend a lot at Bloomingdale’s, it may make sense for you to get a Bloomingdale’s credit card. If you spend $3500 or more per year than you make the ‘Top of the List’. You get four points for every dollar spent at stores, outlets, and Double that to make eight points earned for every dollar spent on shoes, cosmetics, and fragrances. You also get to pick four days throughout the year to get Triple Points on your purchases in-store at Bloomingdale's and online at, free gift wrap for all in-store purchases, and an entrée and non-alcoholic beverage on the house every time you spend $100. Exclusive brands have teamed up with Bloomingdale’s to offer special discounts for cardholders.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bloomingdale's

How do I use my Bloomingdale’s gift card in-store?

To use your eGift card in-store, simply click "GET BARCODE" in your eGift card email and print the entire page that appears. Then, present the printed page to a Bloomingdale's Store Associate at checkout for payment. For traditional gift cards, just swipe to apply to purchase.

How do I use my Bloomingdale's gift card online?

Yes, gift cards and eGift cards can be used online and in any Bloomingdale's store, including Bloomingdale's The Outlet. To redeem online just enter your card number at checkout on the Payment & Billing page.

Can I get credit for returns if I purchased with a Gift Card?

If you paid with a gift card, the amount applied to the purchase will be returned to that card's number, enabling you to reuse your gift card towards future purchases. That being said, make sure to keep your gift card until after you know you’re completely satisfied with your purchase. If you no longer have your gift card, a new one will be given to you with the balance of returns.

How do you check Bloomingdale's gift card balance?

We can help you find out how much money is left on your Bloomingdales gift card.

Do Bloomingdale's gift cards expire?

No matter how old your gift card is, you will be able to use it. Gift cards sold on or after February 3, 2008, never expire!

How much can I buy a Bloomingdale's gift card for?

Dollar amounts on eGift cards can range from $10 - $1,000.

Can you use Bloomingdale’s gift cards at Macy’s?

Although Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s are owned by the same parent company, you cannot use store gift cards interchangeably. 

About Bloomingdale's

Bloomingdale's is America’s top nationwide omnichannel, upscale department store, is a contemporary brand operating 38 stores, and 17 Bloomingdale's The Outlet locations. The company is known for its originality, innovation and fashion leadership. They provide customers with a seamless shopping experience and is a leading attraction for domestic and international tourists. They pride themselves in making fashion fun, personal, and aspirational yet approachable. Their goal is to guide and inspire customers, ensuring style is a source of creative energy in their lives. At Bloomingdale’s, they “believe in creative energy and the transformational potential of style, aim to build relationships and create environments that allow our customers to craft their own distinct fashion moments and find looks that are distinctly theirs.”

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