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Fry's Electronics has gone out of business

Effective February 24th, Fry's Electronics has stopped their business operations. If you have a Fry's Gift card that had a remaining balance, be on the lookout for communications regarding your local consumer protection rights to make a claim, or if another company looks to acquire Fry's debt, communications from their new creditor. 

Previous frequently asked questions about Fry’s Electronics and their gift cards

Where is Fry’s Electronics located?

The majority of Fry’s Electronics’ locations are in Northern and Southern California. However, there are also a few locations in the states of Texas, Arizona, Georgia, and more. 

What is Fry’s Electronics tech services?

Fry’s Electronics not only sells you electronics and appliances but also helps you set up and install these devices in your home. To protect you and your home, they can install security cameras, digital video recorders, and surveillance monitors and alarms. They also have expertise in installing home theater equipment like Smart TVs, digital media players, projectors, soundbars, and more. Fry’s can also help with the installation of a home network and mobile electronics.

That’s not all! Fry’s Electronics does iPhone repair, DriveSavers data recovery, and in-home computer services. You can also have professional technicians perform diagnosis and repair of any computer problems in-store. Just bring your device to your local Fry’s Electronics, and they’ll discover and fix the issue! Fry’s also home delivers and installs appliances, as well as removing the old appliance.

What is Fry’s Electronics return policy?

Most items are eligible for return within 30 days after purchase.

Does Fry’s Electronics offer in-store pickup?

Yes they do! Here’s how it works: create your online order, available 24 hours a day. At checkout, choose in-store pickup. Then, pick up your order at your local Fry’s Electronics. In-store pickup is free with no shipping charges, and means you get your order quickly and easily. To pick up your order, go to any register in the store and bring the card you made the purchase with, your confirmation email, and ID.

Where can I buy Fry’s Electronics gift cards?

Fry’s Electronics sells gift cards in all of their locations. Stop by your local Fry’s Electronics to purchase a gift card with a balance ranging from $5 to $2,500. If you’d prefer to buy online, and at a discounted price, check for deals on Gift Card Granny.

Where can I use my Fry’s Electronics gift card?

Once purchased, you can use the gift card both in-store and online.

How do I know how much is on my gift card?

Find the balance of your Fry's Electronics gift card using any of the following options.

What can I do if my gift card is stolen or lost?

Unfortunately, Fry’s Electronics will not replace any lost or stolen gift cards. Keep your gift card in a safe place so it’s there when you need it.

Does my Fry’s Electronics gift card expire?

Your gift card doesn’t expire, so hold onto it for as long as you like without fear of your balance going anywhere.

About Fry's Electronics

Fry’s Electronics was an electronics retailer where you can find everything from software, phones, computers, as well as household appliances. Founded in 1985 and headquartered in San Jose, California, Fry’s Electronics had over 30 locations. Your local Fry’s Electronics was the go to place for special in-store services such as computer repair and custom computer building, or used their website to shop for laptops, cameras, lighting, video games and more online when they were doing business.

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