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Tips and tricks

  1. Take advantage of free shipping and extended returns. Shopping at Microsoft has never been easier. Now your orders ship for free and you have an extended period of time to return any unused items!
  2. Free learning. There are tons of ways to never stop learning with Microsoft. Sign up for free workshops and events at your local Microsoft Store.
  3. Shop all the hottest Microsoft items. Microsoft Store has some amazing products, all for some incredible deals. Take advantage of their buy online and pick up in-store programs for all your must-have items.

Microsoft Store gift cards Q & A

Where do I buy Microsoft Store gift cards?

When you want all the latest tech, games, and music, you turn to the Microsoft Store! There’s so much to choose from at this store, it might be difficult to narrow down what to redeem your gift card on. Microsoft Store gift cards are available online at, and you can choose from either a digital gift card or a plastic gift card. When you’re picking up a gift card, keep in mind that Microsoft Store and Xbox are two separate gift cards that are available for purchase.

Can I use a Microsoft Store gift card online?

Yes, Microsoft Store gift cards are designed to be used at their online store and work in conjunction with your Microsoft account. Once you set up an account, you’ll have access to all the amazing computers, tablets, phones, games, accessories, and apps that you can purchase with your gift card. Keep in mind that Microsoft Store gift cards are not redeemable in U.S. stores, so keep your purchases to online only!

Can Microsoft Store cards be used on Xbox Live?

A Microsoft Store gift card can only be made to purchase items on the Microsoft Store site. There is a separate Xbox gift card that can be redeemed for Xbox purchases, so make sure you know which store your recipient will want to use their gift card at!

Where do I check my Microsoft Store gift card balance?

If you’re wondering what amount you have left on your Microsoft Store gift card, it’s so easy to check! Just head over to Gift Card Granny and enter in your gift card information and you’ll get your gift card balance. You can also head over to and input your card information there as well to get your up to date balance information.

Does my gift card expire?

Sometimes you might be on the fence before making a big purchase like a computer or phone. Good thing Microsoft Store gift cards don't have an expiration date. This means you can hold onto them as long as you want! There are also no fees associated with these cards either, making them just like cash. Because of this, Microsoft Store gift cards are also not replaceable should you happen to lose it.

About Microsoft Store

Microsoft has been a leader in developing technology that aims to help people achieve all they can. Since 1975, this company prototyped and developed the computers that we take for granted everyday. In addition to computers and leading the way at the start of the digital revolution, Microsoft has also created phones, tablets, and gaming systems that are popular all over the world. They continue to innovate with AI technology and working to keep cloud technology secure and reliable.

Microsoft has opened flagship stores in Australia, New York, Ireland, and London in order to let users experience their products first hand, and learn about them before purchasing them. These stores not only offer all the latest Microsoft tech, but they also continually run workshops and other classes to keep people informed and not afraid to try new things.

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