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Buy a Mimis Cafe gift card

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Tips and tricks

  1. Join Mimi’s e-club. Sign up for Mimi’s E-Club and get on board for savings, coupons, and discounts! Just let Mimi’s know a little bit about what you’re interested in-- such as breakfast items, dessert, or appetizers-- and they’ll tailor your future emails.
  2. Order Mimi’s to-go. Whether you need a delicious office breakfast tray, or lunch for a crowd, Mimi’s To-Go has got you covered. Order ahead online and pick up the food at your convenience.
  3. Try the Plat du Jour. Every day after 4 pm Mimi’s has a different plate of the day, specially priced at $9.99.

Answers to your questions about Mimi's Cafe gift cards

Can I get a Mimi’s Cafe gift card?

Yes, Mimi’s Cafe definitely has gift cards for sale. You can purchase a traditional gift card and have it sent to a recipient, or you can choose to get an electronic gift card and have it immediately sent to someone’s email inbox.

Where can I buy a Mimi’s Cafe gift card?

You can purchase a traditional gift card at your local Mimi’s Cafe-- just ask an associate to help you purchase a gift card. Let them know the amount you want and that’s it! You can also purchase both traditional or electronic gift cards at

If you’re looking to save a little money, stop by Gift Card Granny and check for discounted Mimi’s Cafe gift cards. 

Where can I use my Mimi’s Cafe gift card?

You can use your Mimi’s Cafe gift card at any of the 77 Mimi’s Cafe locations. No Mimi’s near you yet? Not to worry, new locations are continuing to pop up, so make sure to check their site often. You can also use your gift card online to order ahead.

Does Mimi’s Cafe have any gift card promotions?

At this time, Mimi’s Cafe is not running any gift card promotions, but that’s not to say they won’t in the future! Make sure to check their site often so you’re always in the loop. The best way to do this is to join the Mimi’s Cafe e-club, where you’ll receive emails related to their promotions.

How do I know how much is on my gift card?

Find out all of the ways your can check your Mimi's Cafe gift card balance

Are there fees with my Mimi’s Cafe gift card and will it expire?

No matter how long it takes you to use your Mimi’s Cafe gift card, you can feel confident that it will always be accepted, since there is no expiration date.

Additionally, there are no activation or maintenance fees either, so you can hold on to it as long as you want to.

What if my Mimi’s Cafe gift card is lost or stolen?

The team at Mimi’s Cafe will need to determine whether or not your lost or stolen gift card can be replaced. You’ll need to complete a form and mail in your sales receipt from the gift card purchase.

About Mimis Cafe

French bistro food can encompass anything from pastries to rustic chicken and potatoes, and everything in between. Mimi’s seeks to bring this wonderful variety of food and flavor to the United States, and since 1978, they have been working hard to create original and creative French-inspired dishes to hungry customers. Their commitment to quality, fresh ingredients allows them to stand apart from traditional bistros and cafes, and with 77 locations, it seems that their food really is a step above the rest.

Whether you’re in the mood for coffee and a bagel, or would rather have a ham baguette with a glass of wine, you can get all that and more at Mimi’s Cafe.

Comments about Mimis Cafe

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