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Buy a QuikTrip gift card

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Tips and tricks

  1. Join the QuikTrip Rewards Program. Earn one reward point for every $2 spent on qualified merchandise, and one reward point for every 2 gallons of fuel. Each point earned is worth 1 cent off per gallon!
  2. Become a QT Connect member. Receive monthly coupons to use at the 800+ convenience store locations.

Answers to your questions about QuikTrip gift cards

Where are QuikTrip gift cards sold?

Gift cards can be purchased in any of the QuikTrip in-store locations, or online at QuikTrip. Gift cards can be purchased in $10, $20, $25, and $50 denominations in-store, and denominations ranging from $10 to $300 online. 

For QuikTrip gift card deals, check back soon to see if they are available on Gift Card Granny. 

Where can I use my QuikTrip gift card?

Gift cards can be redeemed in-store at any US QuikTrip location. 

How do I check my gift card balance?

Checking your QuikTrip gift card balance has never been easier! 

Will my QuikTrip gift card expire?

No, QuikTrip gift cards never expire. There are also no hidden fees and you will only be charged for the face value of the gift card plus shipping if applicable. eGift Cards are sent via email and therefore have no shipping charges.

Can I return my QuikTrip gift card? And can I reload it?

No refunds, credits, or exchanges are allowed on QuikTrip gift cards. Gift cards are to be treated as cash. However, QuikTrip gift cards can be reloaded if you have not spent the full value of the card! Lost, stolen, or damaged cards cannot be replaced. 

Can I use my QuikTrip gift card at the gas pump?

Yes! QuikTrip gift cards can be used to pay for gasoline. However, gift cards with low balances may not work at certain pumps.

Does my QuikTrip gift card come ready to use?

Yes! Gift cards are shipped ready to use.

About QuikTrip

QuikTrip is your one-stop-shop for all your convenience store needs. From gas to food to drinks, your QuikTrip gift card can ring in great savings and take the ease off your travel experiences. QuikTrip is headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, founded in 1958. QuikTrip has now grown to an $11 billion company with 800+ stores in eleven states. 

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