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Tips and tricks

1. Follow Ted’s Montana Grill on social media to stay up-to-date with them! They have accounts with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and more.

2. Before visiting Ted’s Montana Grill, check out their menu on their website. They even have a gluten free menu to look at!

3. Online reservations. Make a reservation on their website so you’re guaranteed a good seat! Order your favorite Ted Montana Grill meals online!

Answers to your questions of Ted's Montana Grill gift cards

Where’s My Nearest Ted’s Montana Grill?

Not sure if you even have a local Ted’s Montana Grill. Use their Store Locator to see what’s near you. Or if you visit Ted’s Montana Grill’s website, you can check out every location they have in every state. Addresses are included. They have locations in the following states: Florida, Colorado, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Georgia, Maryland, Connecticut, Montana, North Carolina, New York, and Ohio. Do you or a friend live in any of those states?

Are Ted’s Montana Grill’s Bison Grass Fed?

The bison served at Ted’s Montana Grill are indeed ranch-raised on grass and finished on grain. This ensures great-tasting meat and a better-quality meal for you. Their bison are not given hormones or steroids. Most of their bison are from Ted Turner’s ranches. Ted’s Montana Grill serves more bison than any bison in the world, so you know they have the most experience in preparing your meal.

Not sure what bison is going to taste like? If you don’t want it to be a surprise, bison is never gamey and naturally lean. It’s tender meat and high in protein and iron. It’s a little sweeter than beef, so why not give it a try?

What Are Ted’s Montana Grill’s Nutrition Services?

Ted’s Montana Grill wants to make nutrition information easy to access for everyone. Therefore on their website you can find their Nutrition Calculator, which allows you to enter the food you ordered (or want to order) at Ted’s Montana Grill. The calculator will then add every food item together to show nutritional information such as calories, total fat, and sodium. You can also use their Interactive Nutrition Menu. This feature provides a similar service of displaying the nutritional facts for every menu item. And don’t forget to use their Allergen Menu, which allows you to select your allergies and then displays a menu safe for you to eat.

Where Can I Buy Ted’s Montana Grill Gift Cards?

Go onto Ted’s Montana Grill’s website to check out all the gift cards they have available for online purchase. They have choices between a physical gift card that can be delivered to you or a friend’s doorstep, or order the digital gift card that will drop into you or your friend’s inbox immediately after purchase. Better yet, see what discounted prices Gift Card Granny has for Ted’s Montana Grill gift cards.

How Do I Use Ted’s Montana Grill Digital Gift Card?

Upon purchase you will be able to decide the delivery time of the email that contains the digital gift card. If you don’t want it sent on a particular day and time, the digital gift card should be sent within an hour after purchase. The receiver of the digital gift card can print out the email to be presented during your next visit at Ted’s Montana Grill. The printed copy does not need to be in color. As long as the card number is printed clearly, you should be good to go!

How Do I Check The Balance on My Ted’s Montana Grill Gift Card?

Need to check the balance on you Ted’s Montana Grill gift card? You can go over to Ted’s Montana Grill’s website for online checking. Just have your gift card number and PIN at the ready! If you’d like to check the balance in store, bring your physical gift card to your local Ted’s Montana Grill. You cannot check you balance in store with a photocopy, picture of gift card, or gift card number. You can also check your balance online at Gift Card Granny's website! 

What If I Lose My Ted’s Montana Grill Gift Card?

Contact Ted’s Montana Grill’s Customer Support immediately after realizing you have lost your gift card. Having the gift card number and PIN will help in having the lost card canceled and getting you a new gift card with the remaining balance.

About Ted's Montana Grill

Ted’s Montana Grill is an American chain of restaurants that was founded in 2002 as a non-profit effort to stop the extinction of the American bison. The headquarters of Ted’s Montana Grill is in Atlanta, Georgia. The restaurant chain has over 40 locations in over 17 states across the country. Come in, find a table, and get served a meal of classical dishes. On their menu you’ll find a variety of meats and vegetables, seafood, desserts, kids meals, and wine and beer.

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