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Tips and tricks

  1. Sign up for Zara newsletters. By adding your email to their list, you will be the first to know about upcoming sales, special offers, and coupons.
  2. Follow Zara on social media. Zara has a huge presence on social media and that is the best place to learn about important updates, new collections, and special sales.
  3. Check out Zara’s special prices tab. Once you select the department your shopping from, there is another option you can select called Special Prices. This tab features all discounted items available.

Answers to your questions about Zara gift cards

How do Zara gift cards work?

There are two types of Zara gift cards available to purchase. You can either buy an eGift card or a plastic gift card.

To use your gift card, simply present the gift card during checkout. One thing to note, if you purchased a physical gift card online, you will need to activate it before use. You can do this online or in-store.  

How can I check the balance on my Zara gift card?

You are able to check your Zara gift card balance right here at Gift Card Granny. 

Does my Zara gift card expire?

Worried that you are running out of time to use up your Zara gift card?  You don't have to! Zara gift cards and eGift cards never expire. 

Can I use Zara gift cards online?

Yes! All Zara gift cards can be used online. It does not matter what country your gift card was purchased in, it is able to be applied to any Zara online order. Have fun shopping through an insane inventory on

Can I use a Zara gift card in Zara home?

Although the two companies have merged, there is currently no information that would suggest gift cards purchased from either store can be used interchangeably. You may want to contact your local store to find out if they will accept your gift card before trying to use it to purchase something.

Can I use my Zara gift card in another country?

If you are planning on buying a Zara gift card for a friend who lives in another country, be careful. Zara gift cards can only be used at stores in the country they are purchased in. All gift cards can be used online.

What denominations do Zara gift card come in?

Buy a gift card from $25 - $350.

Will Zara replace my gift card if it is lost?

Unfortunately, Zara is not responsible for lost or stolen gift cards and will not replace any gift cards. So, make sure to keep your gift card safe!

About ZARA

One of the biggest international fashion companies, Zara has over 7,000 retail locations worldwide. The company specializes in chic, affordable styles and products that include clothing, accessories, shoes, and beauty items. The company’s values are expressed in the four keywords that define all of their stores: beauty, clarity, functionality, and sustainability.

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