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ABC Gift Cards

To get you started buying and selling gift cards from ABC Gift Cards, here's a review that details how the process works with ABCGiftCards.com.

ABC Gift Cards buys and sells both full-value and partial-value cards.

All gift cards purchased from ABC Gift Cards include free shipping.

They are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and guarantee every card they sell. Prior to selling them, ABC verifies the cards are genuine following guidelines from national fraud investigating agencies.

Orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours and you should expect to receive the card 2-5 business days after it's shipped, depending on your location.

When selling a gift card, you can choose to receive payment by check or PayPal. In most cases you should receive payment after 2-3 business days.

If you're planning on trading a gift card, you have to purchase the cards you want to trade for first. Then, once they receive your gift card, your credit card or PayPal account will be credited with the value.

Fees for trading gift cards can vary between 3% and 30% depending on which cards you select.

ABC Gift Cards regularly offers what they call redemption codes for additional discounts. To see their latest offers, click here.

For more information regarding ABC Gift Cards and its products, or if you have any other questions about buying and selling discount gift cards, contact their customer service between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST Monday-Friday at 1-800-346-0488.

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Tarita Preston says:
Great to do business with. I like the ability to insure the cards in case they are lost in transit.
Karen Martinelli-Chesnut says:
ABC has great discounts..I just wished that they would ship faster.
Roula badwan says:
Super fast shipping awesome customer service.
Dave says:
Great company. Fast shipping
Shawn says:
Good as advertised, bought product Sunday night and in hand by Thursday. Used card over the weekend!
adam m. says:
i ordered 2 windixie gift cards on february 20th and today is march 17th, i have not received the shipment yet. i twice called their 1800 364 0488, i talked to 2 different customer service agents, the first agent could not solve the problem and connected me to her supervisor and nobody was on that line :(( and i called again, 2nd agent could not help me and he tried to connect me to his supervisor; i did not want him to connect me to anybody else and i asked him for his name and extension number then hanged up the phone on my face :((( i just want to tell everybody here that if you receive your order that is great; if not, you are alone. i hope i get my money from my credit card. good luck everybody
Mike A. says:
I sold my gift cards to ABC Gift Cards and they deposit my Paypal accounts within 3 business days! Will definitely do business with again.
Lisa says:
This was my first time selling gift cards so I was skeptical. Therefore I chose two different companies in case one of them went sideways on me. I requested payment by check and received it a week from the day I dropped my gift card in the mail. Very happy with this company and would use them again.
Chey says:
I sold ABC (also called CardCash) 2 gift cards. I sent them off about a week before Christmas and got my money for one of them on Christmas day. However, it took over three weeks to get paid for the second one. I called customer service twice, the first time I was on hold for 12 min, the second time 20 min, but they were courteous and helpful. Based on some of the other reviews, which I read after I sent off my cards, I think I may have just gotten lucky. To avoid any problems, I would recommend scanning each side of your gift card and verifying the balance before you send it off, and send it with delivery confirmation if you're sending off more than $20 or so.
Simon S says:
I bought a gift card from ABC Gift Cards through Gift Card Granny. I received a piece of paper in the mail with a code and instructions on how to use the gift card online or in a store. After giving it as a gift, I got the embarrassing phone call a few weeks later saying that the store rejected the gift card because it had no balance. Luckily the person I gave the gift card to used it right away and I was able to dispute the charge. If they had tried to used it a few weeks later, I would be completely out of luck
tx cowgirl says:
So far, so good. Great idea
Adrian says:
Bought several gift cards from them, at decent discounts. All worked without any problems. The one issue I've had is that their shipping time is very variable. Sometimes they've shipped out my cards within 1-3 business days, and a few times, they've taken 1-2 weeks before shipping out. If I contact customer service with a delayed shipment though, they always apologize and ship it out right away.
Susan Stallings says:
Purchased a card for my daughter and when we tried to use it, there was a zero balance. They were good about refunding our money, however. Just disappointing to be unable to use the card.