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In order to offer the lowest prices on discount gift cards, we work with a number of trusted exchange sites. While all sellers listed on GiftCardGranny.com are verified and secure, each has slightly different policies. Here's what you need to know about CardSnagger.com.

Card Snagger provides free shipping for both buying and selling gift cards online.

When selling gift cards, payment can be issued via check, PayPal, Western Union or Amazon.com gift card.

Gift cards purchased from CardSnagger.com will be shipped within 24 hours.

To sell a gift card, the balance must be at least $20.

Card Snagger currently purchases unwanted gift cards for more than 500 different retailers.

Gift card orders are covered by the CardSnagger.com Guarantee. This Guarantee is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase and up to $500 per customer.

For more information about CardSnagger.com and its products, contact their customer service department by calling 1-877-523-5573 or emailing customersfirst@cardsnagger.com.

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Mike Sanders says:
I sold cardsnagger one gift card. When I sent them another, they questioned my honesty and required that I give them a credit card number for "insurance." I did, and they accepted the card. When I sent them a third, they denied it because of "security concerns" and returned it! Why are they in business?
tea em says:
I sold $350 worth of gift cards to cardsnagger.com - I'd never done anything like it before and was skeptical. But I didn't need to be. They stayed in communication the entire time, when rec'd, when verified, when my $ was on the way. All in all I would say there were no snags! (pun intended) My door to door wait was 12 days, but I requested a check.
Tim Byrd says:
I sold CardSnagger.com three gift cards. Upon them receiving them through the mail they stated that my transactions needed "further verification". After a week and a half elapses, I inquired about the progress of my transactions and they then updated my status to "pending". One day shy of their 3 week Seller Guarantee policy, they processed my transactions and sent me my money through Paypal as requested. The fees that are assessed to the sender in Paypal, were passed on to me (the receiver). I have contacted them twice about reimbursement for my fees, but they never respond. Their lack of communication throughout this entire process has often left me feeling that I had been duped out of my gift cards. As of now, I have not received reimbursement for my fees. Their professionalism compared to their industry counterparts is UNREAL! Be warned, as a seller/consumer, this is the worst experience I can recall! :(
Jennifer Canning says:
I have used few different sites to sell my gift cards before and Card Snagger.com typically provides me the highest payout. The process was smooth and quick. I especially like that I get the email updates every step of the way. Thumbs up!
Robert V. says:
I enjoyed the experience. I ordered my cards and received them quickly with no issues as expected. I appreciate how easy it was to find the card I needed and check out without the hassle.
Tim M says:
I sold a gift card for the first time using cardsnagger.com and I was very pleased with the transaction overall. I saw the site on giftcardgranny.com and this was the first I had heard of Cardsnagger. The website was easy to use and your payout rates were among the highest of all similar sites buying gift cards. It was 10 days from the time I placed the sale until I received my check which is slightly faster than other sites I have sold on. I will definitely use Cardsnagger again and would recommend cardsnagger.com to others. Only possible improvement I could ask for is being able to submit card #'s online instead of mailing, but most companies seem to try and avoid this feature all together or pay a lot less due to fraud concerns. Thanks for a smooth and simple transaction!
Mary W. says:
My experience with cardsnagger.com was excellent. After mistakenly buying a gift card from the wrong company, I thought I was out the money I spent. I found Cardsnagger.com through a review from Real Simple magazine. Your website is extremely user friendly, I was very pleased with the amount you gave me for my gift card and loved that you sent me e-mails every time the status of my order changed. Received my check within 4 days of getting my "Completed" status e-mail. I would highly recommend your website to anyone trying to sell a gift card. Thank you!
Soloman says:
I had a great experience using your business. I was skeptical at first but was very pleased with how fast and smooth you operated. I also appreciated the quick status updates. I am very pleased and would use your website in the future. I found your website through a site which compared the payouts for my giftcard compared to other giftcard websites. Your website had the highest rate of return so I went through yours. Thanks for your help,
Ed C says:
Seamless from start to finish!
Joe S says:
This is the first time I ever tried one of the programs since I did not know it even existed. When I did a search for a company that buys gift cards, I seen something on TV about this. I came up with 4 or 5 companies and search them all. CardSnaggers.com seemed to be the fairest of them all and I proved myself correct since Jay e mailed me right away answering any questions I had and was very helpful thru the process. The web site was very user friendly and I would recommend it to everyone. Thanks
Shirley M says:
I had a wonderful experience dealing with CardSnagger and would definitely do it again. Your website was easy to follow and rates were the best! Thanks, Shirley
yl_co says:
I sold total of $800 JCPenny gift cards (32 cards of $25 each) by 4 orders. The cards were delivered on 12/27/2013 with USPS Priority Mail with a tracking #. I got emails indicating all orders were complete and check(s) were sent. However I have never received a single check till this moment. When I was asking for a tracking # to prove checks were sent or copy of check images or check #s, I got no answer. When I asked if it was a single check or 4 checks and what was the total amount, I got no response. Once I chatted with a personal (#: 816-200-1860) from their online support, the person called me asking for my checking account routing # and account # for direct deposit info. I haven't received any direct deposit either. Another time I chatted with their online support, I was told to wait for 24 hours so that he/she can contact the person taking my checking account info, but there was no followup after 24 hours. I was promised $5.95 (shipping fee reimbursement for a bulk sell) before I sent out the orders. My total payment amount should be $164.46*4 $5.95=$663.79. I have emailed and left voice messages for numerous times, but still no one has responded for a firm payment. It seems ridiculous payment has not been delivered after 4 weeks of gift cards being sold. Today I got a voice message indicating my gift cards will be returned. Are they saying they have never sent out the payments though numerous emails, phone calls and online chats indicated checks were sent out? Now the market price is down for these gift cards, and they want to return my gift cards. What kind of business practice is this?
Candis C says:
The website is extremely misleading. I mailed my card eleven days ago and have not received anything. No emails have been sent letting me know it was received, is processing, or is being shipped. I contacted them and got a generic email/automated response saying that they were working hard on my order. DO NOT believe the "24 hour" processing time that they state they have. I am disappointed.
Andrew Banner says:
Card Snagger accepted my gift cards a week ago, but has not paid me (they said Paypal payment within 24 hours) and has not responded to multiple emails. They also don't respond to the live chat on their site. It appears that I've been scammed out of $250 in Best Buy gift cards....
Tasha D. says:
Having dealt with numerous gift card buying websites in the past, Card Snagger's customer service is by far the worst of all. I emailed 3 times over a 2 week period, just wanting to know what the hold up was and requesting to be kept in the loop however I received absolutely no form of communication with them except for the last email bc I threatened to contact BBB. His response was "just because you email several times in a short period does not mean you are being ignored. It simply means we haven't gotten to you. " As a matter of fact, when I email 3 times in 2 weeks and get no response whatsoever, the only thing it means is that I AM BEING IGNORED. Then once I request that they just send me my cards back I am told to provide them with a postage paid envelope and then and only then would they return them. Very rude, and not worth the time or the money. I'd rather deal with a company with class and some common decency.
IRATE says:
unprofessional to say the least !!!! worst experience ive ever had doing business like this !!!!
Mark says:
BEWARE OF THESE SCAMMERS. I sold a gift card to them and they never sent payment. They ignore emails after the first generic reply. Call them at 1-877-523-5573 and you will always get a voicemail. The reviews here must be faked by them. If you have been scammed by them don't let them get away with it. Contact the New York Attorney General and file a police report in their county and yours for theft, mail fraud, and money laundering. I will be doing this if my cards are not returned unused within the next 10 days.
Tim Stellars says:
Great experience.
victor wuamett says:
Card Snagger said they would buy my little Home Depot cards. Days after they received the cards, they said they were being "refunded." It took days to get a reply, which simply said "an explanation in the mail." Worst service I've ever received from a dard company. Don't use them. I still don't have the cards back, or an explanation.
Card Snagger HATER says:
I BEG you not to use CardSnagger!!! They have the WORST customer service and the rudest employees. They said they never received my cards, gave me the run-around and then I find out today they refused my package. Please use another company to sell your gift cards.
Aryan Jabbari says:
I have a story to share about a business that has scammed dozens right in Mahopac. Their name is CardSnagger.com. They are a business that buys gift cards at a discount and sells them at a markup. Obviously, this is not what makes them a scam. They bought my gift cards and never sent me a check. They returned my gift cards and labeled my gift cards as "returned." Unfortunately, the gift cards had a zero balance on them! There are countless other stories of CardSnagger's antics. Here are a few more: http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/specific_search/cardsnagger They're located on 346 Route 6, Suite 500. Please feel free to contact me for a follow-up on this story.
Javier G says:
Stay away from them!!! too bad there is no zero on the ratings, I sold them a gift card almost two months ago and I am still waiting for the payment, I sent them no less than 20 messages without response... yet
Greg Moore says:
I entered into an agreement with Card Snagger on January 2, 2014. I had received several gift cards from my employer and based on a comparison of similar sites, chose Card Snagger. I submitted my cards and received an order number. After a couple of weeks I checked and my order was "pending". I inquired and after a few days they responded that they were verifying the cards. After a couple of weeks my order showed as completed but I had not received payment. I have repeatedly emailed them and they state the check was mailed on 2/3 but it was never received. They indicated a couple of weeks ago they would stop payment and reissue the check but to date this has not occurred. I would be very careful of this site. I did after the fact digging and found several recent reports indicating very unethical and deceptive practices for this site. I will be pursuing other actions but want you to be aware there are reputable sites, this does not appear to be one of them.