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If you're new to buying and selling gift cards at Cardpool.com, our review covers all of the details you need to know.

Cardpool verifies the authenticity of all gift cards they sell prior to listing them.

All cards are guaranteed for up to 100 days after your purchase. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, you can return unused cards for a full refund. However, the guarantee doesn't apply to electronic gift cards.

All gift cards from Cardpool are shipped for free and should arrive 3-7 business days after your order. If you're selling a card, they'll provide you with a free shipping label.

Payments for gift cards sold to Cardpool can be delivered in the form of a check or Amazon gift card. Your payment is sent within 24 hours of receiving the card in the mail.

Cardpool sells its own gift cards that can be used to purchase any other gift cards from their site

For more information regarding Cardpool and its products, or if you have any other questions about buying and selling discount gift cards, contact their customer service by emailing support@cardpool.com.

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Allan Fan says:
I bought 3 Bloomingdale's physical gift cards for about $85 last August, they sent me a couple home depot gift cards instead. After I found out later that the home depot gift cards they sent have 0 balance in them, I asked for a full refund. Someone named Lewis in their customer service team firmly rejected the request, saying the refund requests have to be made within 100 days after purchase. And they refuse to mail me the original 3 Bloomingdale's physical gift cards either. So, I paid $85, received 2 worthless home depot cards. Buyer beware of cardpool.com's 100 day policy!
Rachel says:
I have ordered from Cardpool maybe a dozen times, and I've never had any issues. Physical Cards arrive in a few days in the mail.
Jake says:
Ordered electronic card and it came fast.
Barbara Bidot says:
I have been using cardpool to buy giftcards since Jan 2014. I have not had a problem until now. All my purchases were physical cards and I received them in 7 days and had no issues. Unfortunately, I ordered a Starbucks paper gift card and I received a piece of paper that said "Starbucks E-gift" with a coffee picture and nothing else. No numbers, barcode, nothing. So how am I suppose to use this? They do not have a customer support number so email was the only way. I have sent an email right away and several emails over the 5 days since and NO response. Their automated reply said they get back in 24 hours. Well, not true and now I am fed up with them. I am calling my credit card tomorrow to dispute the charge! I would keep buying from them but their lack of any support is unacceptable. Warning...take your chances!
Gsljenn says:
I've spent over $4,000 with this company, but I'm now done with them. Didn't send electronic codes and it took me 2 weeks to sort it out. Customer service has become way too slow.
Jessie Zhang says:
I have placed my order of three cards on Cardpool more than three weeks ago yet haven't received anything yet!! I tried to contact the customer service via the only email they provide, got reply four days later, not telling me where my cards are.I'm a little bit worried now and I will call my bank to see if they could reverse the transaction. What if I can't get the refun? crying....who can help me :(
Neal W says:
We've used this company 3 times with speedy service and no issues. The Home Depot electronic codes arrived in minutes, allowing us to buy our appliance online right away and save $40. From the reviews though, it sounds like they need better processes for exceptions and mistakes.
Phillip Dampier says:
I've used Cardpool about 10 times now and have received very prompt service from them - in fact they are faster than their competitors and I've never had an issue with mailed or e-mailed gift cards. Their prices are usually not as good as some of their competitors, but I use them when I need a gift card fast and don't want to wait around six hours for companies like Raise.com or persistent order verification phone calls (Gift Card Zen) which can delay an order by a day.
I sold a $600 gift card to Cardpool. They contacted me 2 days after I mailed the card and confirmed my address and asked how I got the card. 3 days later I received a check in the mail. Very happy with them and very fast service!
kazz says:
I have used this and other services over the last year found cardpool faster on physical cards, electronic they will verify your email(if you do not put in address book will go to spam) once your 1st verified service the items usually take 12-24hrs to come. I have never had a problem with balances nor a problem with switched cards. I do not do merch cards as these are risky any day. us whole even amounts and you will know these are gift cards not merch credits.
Adrian says:
Bought 5-10 gift cards of the same retailer from the before. Have to verify address for security purposes via telephone for new customers (or when changing addresses as a current customer), but the process is fairly quick. Each card I ordered worked fine and was always shipped out quickly within 1 business day or so. Not the highest discounts on the cards though.
Mo Alturkistani says:
Bought 6 gift cards. They verify ur address for security purposes by calling you if you are a new customer, or when you change your address, but it's quick. All the e-cards worked fine, but it takes almost a couple of hours after the verification is done before you receiving the email containing the e-codes. Other than that, I highly recommend them, they offer the highest discount on some retailers & they have plenty of e-cards if you are ordering in bulk.