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GiftCardBin makes it especially easy to buy and sell your gift cards online. Here is some helpful information as to how the process works.

GiftCardBin typically ships gift cards 1-2 business days after your order. However, they aim to have all cards shipped within 24 business hours of purchase.

To sell your gift card on GiftCardBin.com the value must be between $10 and $300.

GiftCardBin allows you to name your own price when selling a gift card, but they can counter, decline or accept your proposed price.

Payments from GiftCardBin are issued via PayPal or check.

If you happen to get the wrong gift card or the balance is incorrect, GiftCardBin will happily replace your card or provide a refund as long as you contact customer service within 100 days of receiving the card.

For more information regarding GiftCardBin and its products, or if you have any questions about buying and selling discount gift cards, contact their customer service by calling 1-888-967-0008 or emailing admin@giftcardbin.com.

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Jamie Strochine says:
I bought my gift card at a 17% discount. Free shipping, card arrived in less than a week, and I used it the next day with no problems. I would buy from GiftCardBin again!
Karen Martinelli-Chesnut says:
They ship really really fast!!!
Reed says:
I've bought a lot of gift cards from Gift Card Bin (and from other secondary gift card vendors) over the past 6 months, and have come to the conclusion that Gift Card Bin is the best gift card vendor out there. They have the deepest discounts on gift cards about 80-90% of the time, and there customer service has been very good up to this point when I have needed them. If you routinely buy discounted gift cards, you will eventually experience some problems, and when you do, you need a customer service department that responds quickly and appropriately (which Gift Card Bin does). At this time, I give two thumbs way up to Gift Card Bin, and would recommend them to anyone considering purchasing gift cards on this secondary market.
Olha Buhayenko says:
Jennifer says:
As one commenter stated, they usually have the deepest discounts on gift cards. Consequently, I have bought many cards from them with never an issue. Therefore, I have not had a need to contact customer service!
Heidi savin says:
Yes we have they are great.
Nick H. says:
Bought over $1500 in gift cards from them; all came with the correct amounts when I received them. However, while I had them, two cards lost all their value (somebody still had the numbers, and used them online). Giftcardbin was very quick in answering the phone (not an overseas call center), giving me an address to mail the bad cards to, and refunding my money. I was very impressed. Will buy from them again.
martha k miller says:
I bought a cvs card from you and I checked the balance online and it says the amount on the card, however when I went to the store it would not go through. I have tried it at 2 cvs stores. Help This is the only problem I have had. Good service.
Nico says:
Amazing to do business with. Very prompt!
kirk smith says:
THE BEST!!!!!!
Ted Yee says:
I bought couple Home Depot gift cards with more than 10% off. I redeemed both cards had no problem. I just bought more Home Depot gift cards
Jimmy Jones says:
Best ever!
Avid Card Buyer says:
GiftCardBin is wonderful! They always have the best prices plus, if you need to customer service they're very easy to get on the line and their agents are always very polite and professional. The customer comes first and it shows! Thanks GiftCardBin :)
Alex says:
Amazing discounts, best you'll find anywhere!
Andrea K. says:
Love GiftCardBin! They really go above and beyond to help the customer out. Always the best prices.
Ryan Doyle says:
Best gift card company hands down! Great customer service. Great overall experience. Highly Recommended!
Chip says:
Never had a problem with cards purchased from Gift Card Bin. They do seem to offer the best discounts out of all the companies available.
Adrian says:
I've bought from them 3 times so far, and the cards had good discounts and worked fine. The downside is that each time, they were a little slow in shipping them out (about 3 business days after ordering).
Cindy says:
They're serious about your security! I just had my first experience purchasing an e-gift card from giftcardbin.com, and it was great, but I really want to pass along some timeline info I think can be a big deal to a buyer. If you're expecting to use an e-card within minutes of your order, AND this is your first online purchase with them, it's important to note that you *may* be selected to provide additional (and somewhat sensitive) identification information to the company via phone. I received an email about 27 hours after placing the order requesting I telephone customer service to verify my identity, and admittedly it freaked me out a little when I heard the questions! BUT, this process is outlined clearly on their site in Buyer FAQs and the rep explained it well, I just wish I had read that *before* so I wouldn't have worried. In all, the timeline was order-verify(27hours later)-received the 'order ready' email within minutes of verification. Two other security measures they take (which is comforting, but time consuming), are: 1. they send your code within your giftcardbin account instead of email (thank you!!), and 2. require you create a *second* password to access your order/e-card# (i.e. you log into the site, then log into your orders...the pass. requirements are different, too). I believe subsequent orders (with the SAME payment method) will be markedly faster and easier. I give giftcardbin major kudos for protecting us with their diligence - while some other companies are spending time chasing fraudulant users, *we* get the best card prices around! Thanks Gift Card Bin! (PS-I've bought and sold with all the other companies on Gift Card Granny with great success...but I felt this one was especially noteworthy!)