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Gift Card Castle

Gift Castle Castle stopped operating as a gift card exchange site in early 2012.

To help you know what you expect when buying and selling gift cards from Gift Card Castle, we've put together some helpful info covering the basics.

In order to sell a gift card, it must have a value of at least $25.

They accept both full-value cards and partial-value cards as well as store credit as long as it's in plastic form.

When selling gift cards you can choose payment in the form of check or PayPal. If you order more than $100 in gift cards and are a new customer, you must get your payment via PayPal.

Gift Card Castle issues payment within 24 hours of receiving your card. PayPal payments are delivered instantly and checks are delivered within 3-10 days.

If you're buying gift cards, you should expect to receive them in the mail within 3-7 days of your purchase.

All gift cards sold by Gift Card Castle are backed by a 101 Day Purchase Guarantee. This means you can return unused cards for a full refund within 101 days from your order if you're not satisfied.

Gift Card Castle doesn't buy or sell gift cards with fees or expiration dates.

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