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Gift Card Spread

With new gift card exchange sites being added to Gift Card Granny all the time, it's helpful to have an overview of their different policies. This review covers all of the important details you need to know when you're buying and selling gift cards with Gift Card Spread.

Gift Card Spread doesn't have fixed prices they pay for gift cards. They allow users to name their own sale price, which can be accepted or rejected.

If you sell them a gift card, you're responsible for paying shipping costs.

Discount gift cards purchased from GiftCardSpread.com are covered by their 45 day guarantee. You may receive a refund if the card is not valid, or does not have the correct value.

Most gift card orders are shipped within three business days.

Electronic gift cards ship for free and are emailed to you within one business day.

For more information regarding Gift Card Spread and its products and policies, contact their customer service by calling 1-855-955-5427 or emailing support@giftcardspread.com.

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Greg says:
I had a coupon at Macy's that was going to expire last night. At the last minute, I found something I wanted. The problem was that it was very late and, if I ordered from any website, there was no way to know if I would get my discounted gift cards in time to buy from Macy's last night. Fortunately, Gift Card Spread was still open AND provided their phone number on the website. I called in and talked to a very nice girl there. She helped me with the order, got it processed within minutes, and sent me the codes electronically. Great website!!!
John says:
Granny, in your lists you show shipping as free at Gift Card Spread. Not so, Only if $100 or more. Please indicate that shipping varies or asterisk it. Thanks. P.S. I ended up not buying at GCS since there was another seller on you list that REALLY had free shipping. Thanks for a great website.
ASD says:
5 stars!
J Taylor says:
Had NO problems. Ordered, got a shipping confirmation within 2 days. Received cards, first class mail in less than a week. Checked balance on all the cards, everything was in order. VERY happy to do business with Gift Card Spread.
Tiffany says:
Bought one eCode from GCS. I was on a time crunch because the retail promo was going to end in a few hours. I was able to get the eCode within a couple hours. I called a couple times and both times the customer service was friendly.
Jim says:
Card was cancelled by third party. Informed GCS they said they would "make it right" but never did
Alexander says:
Received an ecode with a zero balance. Customer service via 1st phone call advised it would take a "couple of days" to get a refund. A couple of days for the refund is not acceptable to begin with. Now they are not returning calls and or emails. I would suggest you avoid this seller in the event you get a bad card. Their customer service is lacking for buyers who experience a problem like this.
Justin says:
Purchased an EMS gift card. At checkout, the website wouldn't accept any of my credit cards, so it gave me a chance to call customer service. They informed me that they were aware of the issue, took my number, and actually called me back when the system was back on line. I also asked them how they verify that the gift card had the correct balance. I was told that they check before the card is shipped. I ended up purchasing a card an e-code (only could be used online) and everything went great. Not sure if it was a promotion, but ended up getting 15% off the card. I saved a bunch!
Smithd689 says:
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KEVIN says:
Received a call from Gift Card Spread and they apologized for closing my account , not giving me access to the gift cards that I had purchased and reinstating my ability to purchase gift cards. Apparently in their due diligence of preventing fraud, my account was linked with another that had a problem. They called me the next day after my previous review and fixed the problem. Thanks again.