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When you're buying and selling gift cards online, each site has a few policies that separate it from the rest. Here are a few of the most important details to know when you're ordering from Junkcard.com.

Gift cards purchased from Junkcard always include free shipping.

All gift cards available on the site have been authenticated prior to being listed.

Junkcard.com offers both plastic gift cards and electronic gift cards/e-codes.

Their Satisfaction Guarantee ensures you a refund if the card is not valid or does not match the stated balance.

When selling gift cards to Junkcard, they'll reimburse you for shipping up to $0.45 as long as the value of the card is $25 or more.

They do not purchase gift cards with expiration dates or fees, and do not require a minimum balance on the card.

Payments for gift cards sold to Junkcard.com are issued via check or PayPal, however, if the balance of the card is under $25 you can only receive payment with PayPal.

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hunterz says:
They are great. I just made my first purchase and my gift cards were sent out immediately and I had them in my hands within the week (Michigan). I checked the balances and everything was right on. Will buy from again.
Epiphany says:
I bought a Toys R' Us gift card e-code from Junkcard for a gift for my nephew, and it was sent within 24 hours. I was kind of weary buying from Junkcard.com because they have a few bad ratings online, but they came through for me. More people tend to write reviews when something goes wrong instead of when something goes right. I saved a total of 11.1% of the card amount using Junkcard.com. I recommend buying from them if you want to save money on purchases.
Nirmal says:
I like the gurantee on card is through its lifetime. All other site have limits like 45 days or 60 days.
Stephen Hancock says:
They never delivered my cards and no apology for it. Got a refund a week after they claimed to have sent them. Three weeks later and they still haven't arrived. Avoid Junkyard they suck.
Raven Schrantz says:
I'm pretty happy. I'm a frequent discount gift card buyer. I bought an American Eagle ecode for 18% off and received the ecode through my email in exactly 50 minutes. Fastest ecode I've received from any other site. I definitely will be using junk card again.
Lisa says:
This was my first time selling gift cards so I was a little skeptical. I decided to split my gift cards and go with two separate companies just in case I got ripped off by one of them. I opted to have a check mailed to me and received my check about a week and a half after I dropped my card in the mail. I'm very satisfied and would use them again!
Dianne says:
I ordered an e-gift card at a much heavier discount than most other sites. Ordered at 12:50, recieved the code at 12:55. Can't beat that.
Cheryl Mortensen says:
I ordered a Lowes egift card from them. Had the code within 14 hours and used it the same day! Everything worked great! Would order from them again.
Stephanie Borowiec says:
I purchased a $50 ecode on a Thursday night at 8pm and received the code the next morning a little after 10am. Wish I could've had a faster delivery so I could've gotten Starbucks before work, but hey for a 5% discount, it was a reasonable amount of time to wait. I was nervous because I saw quite a few negative reviews, and that almost deterred me from purchasing, but I had no issues. Not sure how the physical gift card process works, but the ecode process start to finish was as expected.
Michelle says:
Bought a high value gift card and received the code within 24 hours. Great experience! Saved $23