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Raise.com is a peer-to-peer gift card marketplace where members can buy gift cards at discount prices and sell their unwanted cards for cash.

Gift card sellers may list physical gift cards, electronic gift cards and merchandise credits from nearly any local or national retailer.

To sell your gift card it must have a minimum value of $20.

Free shipping is included with any gift card order from Raise.com.

When selling gift cards you will be charged a listing fee of $1 for physical gift cards and no fee for electronic gift cards. Raise.com also takes a 15% commission on the purchase price.

A 100% satisfaction guarantee is offered with every purchase, and every gift card and transaction that takes place on the site is verified by their risk department.

Raise.com often has promo codes to help you save even more. To see their latest codes, click here.

For more information, visit the website at www.raise.com. Customer service is available between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. CST Monday-Saturday and can be reached at 1-888-578-8422 or via email at support@raise.com.

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katie says:
Purchased an ecard from here. They are very slow compared to other sites like Cardpool, Plastic Jungle or GiftCards.com.
User says:
Their website is buggy. I've bought and sold on it. When it works, it's great. But many times it doesn't and you have to call.
Rohit says:
Excellent customer service. Purchased an ecode Saturday morning and called them and had my ecode in an hour or so.
Jake DerChan says:
I use the site regularly, and prefer it to competitors because the customer service reps really go the extra mile for me. They usually have the best prices as well, but the service wins me over.
Lesh says:
Purchased a gc from them. Was told my account had to verified because of a first-time purchase. Took the option of a phone call once, the button was pressed to take the call option I got a message stating there was a problem with the order. Tried calling no, answer tried chat, no answer. A few hours later got a email stating that my E Card was not a E Card but a physical card and to call them. Tried calling, no answer. Used chat and this time someone responded and had someone call me. As I was on the phone with the representative it was discovered that three of the cards listed were listed wrong (meaning NO ONE checks these before they go live on their site). Was sent a email stating my order was ready (you have to go to your order page on their site to get your E Card). When I looked on the order page it stated it was still processing. Tried calling again, no answer. Used chat and the person pushed it through and FINALLY, got my order. Overall, I may use this site again to purchase a GC but it will not be my first choice. Customer Service was on top of my problems and the resolution was quick once I got in contact with someone so that is a plus.
Dan says:
This site is great! I bought and sold before and customer service is very nice and friendly. A
Jake says:
The customer service here is phenomenal, and should get a Raise! Strange motto, but I have had 3 issues among about 25 orders resolved here. Satisfied.
Michelle says:
What a pleasant experience on Raise, not to mention their customer service is par to none in the industry. Go Raise!
Thomas Lyon says:
Great customer service, fast turn around. My new fav. gift card site!
Annoyed says:
Purchased a 500 bestwestern card there before when it was called coupontrade and recieved one with zero balance on it. Never have that problems on other giftcard sites.
Janna says:
I love these guys. I've been using their service for about 2 years. They are quick to deliver my cards/e-codes, responsive to my questions, and stand behind their cards. I highly recommend them.
Lyle says:
Sold a Dell Gift Card on their website. They completed the sale and disclosed the gift card # and pin # to the buyer. Next day, received an email from them saying the transaction was cancelled (no reason listed in email). Called them up, was told they they accepted a return from the buyer (even though their website says they don't accept returns for e-gift cards) b/c the buyer was unable to use this gift card, along with multiple others, to complete a single transaction from Dell...so they refunded the money back to the buyer...with the buyer still knowing what my gift card # & pin #s were. So there is nothing stopping that person from using my gift card to buy something from Dell for free (they had their money refunded and I'm out the $ from the transaction). So I would recommend not selling via their website b/c your gift card details may get disclosed to someone...who can than return the card for a refund...then are free to use your gift card as they please without paying for it.
SJC says:
Bad experience. Purchased a bloomingdale's card but was told the card has 0 balance in the shop. Took me another week to get money back. Waste of time.
Brad says:
Best UI/UX and experience for buyers and sellers.
Cory says:
Glitchy website and poor customer service. The cart said $69 total with a $5 coupon code. Was charged $74 to my credit card and raise refused to give $5 credit to a previous customer! Ridiculous.
Kean says:
This site allows people to buy and sell gift cards. The gift cards can be physical (plastic card) or eGift card (emailed). Keep in mind, once you buy the gift card, the previous owner of the gift card still has the info to spend the gift card he/she just sold you, so if you don't use the gift card right away (say, within a week or less), there is a chance the gift card will have $0 balance by the time you try to use it. It all depends on the honesty of the seller of the gift card. I'd say you got a 50/50 chance of this. Unfortunately, Raise.com has very poor customer service and if you are on the losing end of this, you have little to no chance of receiving a refund. Better to go through your credit card company to get a refund. DO NOT use a debt card. You have a 50% chance of getting a discount and a 50% chance of losing your purchase $. Even if you get a full refund via your credit card company, is it worth the money? Use this website at your own risk.
greg says:
Effortless, flawless, bought gift cards on two separate occasions.. I received both within two hours, i used one in the store {printed online} and the second online at home depot website. I saved 8 percent. will use again and again..thank you.
Molly says:
Great customer service and got my gift card within minutes after ordering. Highly recommend!
Megan says:
Claire says:
Always get my ecards right away and if I ever have a problem their customer service takes care of it and is always friendly. great site.
RA2007 says:
I had an unpleasant experience with Raise customer service. It seems like they have no return policy. I placed an order just an hour ago and couldn't get it cancelled.
Cartier says:
If you want to sell, they don't have a policy of using your own funds to buy other gift cards, funds are available late, they do not send confirmation codes on email as they say on the website.
DarrenW says:
They have successfully provided me with a valid giftcard/merch credit 9 times but, they are a little dysfunctional if a problem exists with the card (10th time). One cust service person may say something completely different than the next. One customer service person may say "were issuing a refund and five minutes later an email is received claiming the claim is up for review and it may take 3 or 4 days for a reply. The concept is awesome but, the consistency does not exist and I anticipate that this is a business that is growing a little to fast for the technology and personnel that they have in place.
ptree says:
Bigger discount than other sites but they are slow. My egift card order took nearly 2 days. Giftcards.com takes 40min!
Chip says:
Have had very good success using RAISE. Fast delivery & customer service seems to be helpful.
DM08 says:
Good but be careful. I recently purchased some ecards for Children's Place. A couple weeks later when my wife went to use them online, they had a zero balance. Children's Place remodeled their site recently so we thought it was a glitch and contacted them. I found out the card used to purchase the giftcards initially, before me, was a stolen credit card. The charges were contested by the card's owner and the children's place zeroed the balances on the fraudulently purchased cards. I then contacted Raise with the info and my refunds are pending.
Robert Warner says:
I haven't had any problems with my few orders, though I usually try to redeem the balances as quickly as possible. Processing speed seems to have gone up as well.
Phillip Dampier says:
I've placed about six orders through Raise.com with no issues of any kind. They verify new customers by phone, but only once. Future orders are usually processed within six hours during regular business hours, sometimes quicker. Their prices are in the middle of the pack. Cardpool is usually more expensive, Gift Card Zen is usually less. It all depends what cards are in stock. Some of the other reviews here seem to dock Raise some points because of the potential for fraudulent transactions, but those risks exist at every gift card store. None of those things have happened to me across two dozen orders placed with four different companies, including Raise.com.
Ken says:
Not sure about everyone else's reviews, but here is my review. When it's your first time using the site, they will ask that you call them to verify your information, I think that is a nice feature because it prevents fraudulent activities. They were prompt at answering the phone, and the person on the other line was not an oversea worker (definitely a plus!). After you verified your information for the first time, you won't be bother again with later purchases. I usually get my eCode (I don't do physical gift card) the next day if I ordered the night before. Good customer service, fast delivery (for eCode, anyways).
kazz says:
I use 3 sites for deep discounts, but I watch this one for best discounts in larger quanity. They have been quick and have had no problems
kazz says:
I have used them for many transactions and have rec'vd the cards without fail. Problem this time is I used the card at a local fast food chain only to have the card emptied of 1/2 the balance, It is being investigated. I live on the oppisite side of the country from the fraudulent tranaction. The advice from Raise is use them quickly. I only had the card for two weeks and used it for lunch. I will not buy a card of this amount again from them no matter what.
Jamal says:
This site is a life saver. I use it before any purchase. and if I ever run into any problems, their customer service always gets to the bottom of it. Highly recommenced!
gilpin says:
So far so good, no problems with buying giftcards, eGift or physical. I've been getting the eGifts almost instantly, the physical cards arrives within 2-3 days. (May 2015)
Jeff says:
Bee's knee's and the cats pajamas
Jamie Booth says:
Raise is the best gift card site out there!
William says:
I buy and sell on Raise frequently. Their app is the dead simplest one I've used, Apple Pay support and all. Their support is great and super friendly. No issues getting a refund on a physical card that no-showed.
Lorrie says:
Never a problem. Always smooth transaction
Valerie says:
The first card I ever bought from Raise turned out to be stolen and I ended up losing some of my own money too after I transferred the balance from that card to my own card. That being said, aside from a few hoops to convince them of the issue, they were quick to offer either replacement or refund and, when I decided on a refund, processed it immediately. Not sure I could trust to buy from them again, but they were very easy to deal with.
James Casey says:
This site is awesome! I save on things I need and want.
Shawn says:
So far they have been very good to work with.