About Gift Card Granny

As the grandmother of all gift cards, our goal is to help you make the best decision when it comes to shopping. Whether buying gift cards or shopping at favorite brands, our team is dedicated to helping save you money in the process.

Over 150 team members spanning 21 states, 6 time zones, 4 countries and 2 U.S. territories, and 1,082 years of combined experience. We are an elite team of gift card and fin-tech powerhouses working to make Gift Card Granny a household name. We are adventure seekers and DIYers. Dads, moms, grandparents, and pet parents. Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers. Wood workers, chefs, Star Wars fans, and musicians.

Oh, and we all have one mission; to work hard, be nice, & create the next generation of gifting.

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Our Mission

To make buying
gift cards safe.

When you buy directly from Granny, we guarantee that the gift card works for life and will never lose value.

To make buying
gift cards simple.

It literally takes you a minute to create and buy customized gift cards or eGift cards.

To help you
save money.

Save money using the Gift Card Granny website and mobile apps – our gift cards have either a guaranteed discount or earn you cash back.

Gift Card Granny’s money savings expert, Trae Bodge

5.5+ Million yearly visitors

Founded in 2009

$150 million saved

150+ employees and contractors

Our Partners


GiftYa offers personalized gift credits through their trailblazing gifting platform on Gift Card Granny for all national and local merchants in the USA.


PerfectGift.com, Gift Card Granny's business to business partner, offers bulk discounted gift cards from hundreds of top national brands.


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Our Values

We perform as a team of driven, high-integrity people who care about our customers, employees, and community.

As an informed company that cares about its work environment and impact, Gift Card Granny shares the values of its parent company, Wolfe, LLC. Through these values, Gift Card Granny has built a positive company culture and workplace.


The foundation of our company is trust, with every interaction and transaction.


We give our time, talents, and resources in service to each other and our community proactively.


We are self-motivate, empowered, diligent, and committed to our best performance in everything we do.


We create social cohesion and collaboration as we treat others with respect and collectively succeed.


We deliver the very best in class, every time.

Our Story

Gift card granny's story

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, Gift Card Granny is another successful gift card website owned by Wolfe, LLC former owners of GiftCards.com, the world’s largest full value gift card business. The Today show, ABC Nightly News, the Huffington Post, Oprah, and Forbes Magazine have all written and talked about Gift Card Granny extensively. Our spokesperson, Trae Bodge, is a well-known media personality and can be contacted for news and media.

Additionally, Granny continues to keep up with the times and has expanded her money saving powers to include a mobile app. The mobile app is free to download on iOS and Android devices and is regularly praised for its useful and realtime features. App users have the benefit of taking Gift Card Granny's discounts on the go. Best of all, Gift Card Granny rewards her adoring fans by offering cash back rewards on everything from making a first-time purchase, to subscribing to our informative newsletter.