About Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny is an enigmatic figure in the world of saving money. She's a kindly old lady with a walker, bifocals and one mean snickerdoodle recipe. Few suspect a side dish of innovation with warm milk and cookies.

But appearances can be deceiving. Gift Card Granny is a wizened superhero who uses brains over brawn to protect your money from financial foes. As she aged, this frugal fanatic realized gift cards can be used for more than birthdays and Christmas. When sold for less than face value, their money-saving powers are easily unleashed. Granny soon set about devising an ingenious way to defeat overspending with plastic. After this initial spark, she tested and tweaked until she had a momentous breakthrough: Granny discovered gift cards sold at a discount can be used for such everyday purchases as groceries, gas and clothing.

The framework of this idea is a comprehensive gift card exchange, a culmination of her time-tested money-saving wisdom. It's a cozy and convenient place to buy gift cards from many of the most trusted resellers online. Unlike purchasing a gift card direct from the source, this simple system guarantees the deepest discount by sorting through thousands of cards from the most sought-after merchants. On any given day, gift cards can be found for a discount of up to 50%.

Gift Card Granny standing on her walker

How can these cards be used to save money? It's a concept Gift Card Granny makes simple. Gift cards sell on average for more than 10% off the card's current value, meaning a $100 card costs around $90. The markdown you'd receive at the register is pre-loaded on your gift card. When you buy a full $100 worth of merchandise or food, that 10% off is inherently part of the sale. Imagine the possibilities when a card is discounted for 25% or 30% and combined with other promotions. The thought alone brings a smile to Granny's face.

The Gift Card Alerts feature is one of the gray-haired financier's finest innovations. You can sign up for e-mail alerts, select the gift cards you want, and receive an electronic reminder when new cards are available. Every time a coveted new card goes on sale, you'll be among the first to know. Your selection can be changed at any time using an intuitive point-and-click menu.

Despite her modest demeanor, Gift Card Granny is a constant fixture in national publications. She has been seen on CBS's "The Early Show," in the ink of The Los Angeles Times, and on the web pages of Walletpop and Mashable. Her blog is a tribute to everything related to gift cards, including updates on giveaways, creative gift card uses and news from the front lines of the gift card industry. Gift Card Granny also writes comprehensive lists of year-round discounts, including those dedicated to teachers and seniors.

She's even a world-traveler, offering the same great deals to shoppers in Canada with the new site GiftCardGranny.ca. Launched in 2012, Canadians now have a marketplace to buy, sell and exchange discount gift cards for local stores and restaurants.