Trae Bodge

Trae Bodge

Trae Bodge Money Saving Expert with Gift Card Granny

Recognized Savings Expert

Trae Bodge is the savings expert here at Gift Card Granny. Trae helps people find great deals and gives them ideas on how to grow their savings with simple tips to use each time they need to buy anything!

Trae’s Experience

A top personal finance expert according to GoBankingRates and Flexjobs, Trae has appeared on numerous television shows and written for many publications. Her monthly segment on CBS2 NY and Fox 5 NY is called “Best Buys” which helps people spot the best places and times to save month to month. She has her eyes on seasonal and retail focused savings for the price conscious shopper. She has also appeared on Rachael Ray, MSNBC, CNBC, The Harry Show, Inside Edition and other network affiliates.

Besides being a TV commentator who specializes in savings and discounts, she also writes for a number of publications as a lifestyle journalist. Her written work has been featured as a contributing editor for Women’s Day magazine and several online publications including,, and

Her written work and research into helping people save has also appeared online on, First for Women,, Kiplingers, Marketwatch, MSN Money, and Yahoo Finance. Trae’s experience has always helped her audience keep more money in their bank accounts when they need to shop anywhere.

Knowledgeable of Shoppers and Merchants

With Trae’s experience, Gift Card Granny features her knowledge on how best to use discount gift cards for a variety of retailers and merchants. The dozens of TV shows and her experience with researching smart shopping tips give her unique insight over a career of helping people save money on everyday purchases or planning big expenses. The idea is when you look to buy gift cards at a discount; they can be attached to a few different strategies for everyday money saving tips.

These could be “stacking discounts,” how best to use reward programs or some other well vetted tactic to make the most out of your dollar. Trae’s knowledge of the retailers and brands also helps let you know where and when to save the most. Trae looks to help families and couples with making their lives better through saving money and small victories with personal finance. Her tactics and ideas can help make extra space in a budget for relaxation or help put little amounts towards debt or savings.

With years of experience hunting deals and talking directly with major brands, Trae Bodge knows the market from both sides and works to shed some light to how to best use your dollars in a way that is not too far from your everyday routine. Look for her seasonal tips on our savings blog or her website. She outlines tips and tricks for the day to day shopper or places to look out for new deals at depending on the time of year.

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As a shopping and personal finance expert, Trae knows how to make the most of your budget and where to find ways to save. Along with Trae, Gift Card Granny features trending topics and smart shopping tips.

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