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Gift Card Research & Industry Trends

The $160 billion dollar gift card industry is continually growing and changing.  As a leading authority and advocate, Gift Card Granny has compiled many years of gift card research and analysis.  Below you will find the latest trends surrounding the buying and selling habits of traditional plastic, as well as digital eGift cards.  If you are interested in additional information or card data for a story, please contact us.

Latest Research

Authority piece published June 24, 2019
Gift Card Granny conducted a survey to determine the latest trends regarding cash back rewards. More than 3,100 US-based consumers who have visited provided responses. Topics such as usage, redemption preferences and cash back programs were analyzed. READ MORE... 

Authority piece published May 24, 2019
Over the past year there’s been a significant increase in using gift or reloadable cards for payments surrounding imposter scams. Since 2015, the top payment method for fraudulent activity had been wire transfer however, in 2018 there was a shift to gift or reloadable cards. READ MORE... 

Authority piece published December 12, 2018
Gift Card Granny conducted its annual survey to determine the latest gift card usage and trends for the 2018 holiday season. Nearly 3,000 US-based consumers who have visited provided responses. Topics as most popular retailers, purchasing behavior and digital gift card growth were analyzed. READ MORE... 

Authority piece published November 14, 2018
The team at Gift Card Granny conducted a survey to observe the average American’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday buying habits. Topics such as shopping trends and gifting preferences were analyzed. READ MORE... 

Authority piece published July 26, 2018
Gift Card Granny recently surveyed more than 2,500 consumers who visited the website to determine their back to school shopping habits for 2018. Topics such as budget, shopping preferences, savings strategies and most popular retailers were analyzed. READ MORE... 

Authority piece published Friday, May 31, 2018
Gift Card Granny recently surveyed nearly 3,000 US-based members to determine their budgets and spending trends for vacations in 2018. Topics such as travel habits, expected spending and destinations were analyzed. READ MORE... 

Authority piece published March 2018
This report sets out to address what are consumers’ motivations for using self-use gift cards, how important is a discount and what types of purchases are occurring as a result. It is based on the results of a 2017 consumer survey, conducted by Brenda Gilpatrick of Your Fantastic Plastic—a gift card consultancy, which sought input on these specific topics. READ MORE... 

Authority piece published April 4, 2018
Gift Card Granny surveyed more than 3,000 members to determine the latest money saving and spending trends for 2018. Data surrounding financial topics such as spending habits, investing and monthly savings was analyzed. READ MORE... 

Whitepaper published March 7, 2018
Many consumers apply money-saving techniques such as coupons, rebates and cashback programs when shopping. Another cost-effective option includes discount gift cards. Whether it’s groceries, clothing or services, discount gift cards can be used to secure stackable savings.  This study delves into the secondary gift card market as well as gift card purchasing and redemption habits. READ MORE... 

Survey published February 28, 2018
The digital gift card trend continues to grow. Purchasing habits of eGift cards have increased by 6.7 percent year over year. 86.9 percent of respondents have purchased a digital gift card compared to 81.4 percent in the previous year.  READ MORE... 

Survey published December 20, 2017
Gift Card Granny, the largest aggregator of online gift card exchanges for major brands and retailers, published trends surrounding individuals re-selling their unwanted gift cards in 2017.    The most common reasons for a recipient to exchange their gift card for cash include receiving an undesirable brand or simply rather having money that they can spend anywhere. It has become a very popular practice. READ MORE...

2017 Holiday Gift Card Trends 
Survey published November 28, 2017
Gift Card Granny conducted its annual survey to determine the latest gift card trends for 2017. Learn which gift cards are the most popular, how much digital gift cards are growing and top online retailers for the holiday season. READ MORE...


Survey published December 28, 2016
Reselling a gift card has become more common over the years due to the rising popularity of gift card giving and the gift card industry as a whole. Gift Card Granny reports that people looking to sell via their site have increased 23% year over year (2016 vs. 2015) and over 80% when comparing 2016 to 2014.
Trae Bodge
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Trae Bodge

Trae Bodge

You may recognize Trae Bodge from her various appearances on Rachel Ray,, Inside Edition, and many other major network television programs. Trae is a lifestyle journalist spreading the word on smart shopping. If you are interested in featuring Gift Card Granny or interviewing Trae, please send a contact email.