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Buy a cash back gift card from your favorite brand. Earn cash back. Redeem for cash payouts or egift cards. 

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Consumer Protection

Here at Gift Card Granny, we protect all of our consumers. When you buy directly from Granny, your purchases are 100% guaranteed.

About eGift Cards

eGift cards work in much the same way as traditional cards, only in a digital format. They are sent to the recipient via email, which lets you avoid the time and cost involved in purchasing a physical card.

eGift cards are for sale from a variety of national and major brands. Alternatively, you can simply personalize a Visa or Mastercard. We take pride in our easy ordering process, speed of delivery and customization options.

Visa and Mastercard Virtual Accounts

Immediately send a personalized, virtual gift card that can be used everywhere that Visa and Mastercard are accepted. These prepaid cards make a convenient gift for any occasion.

It’s easy to personalize Visa and Mastercard gift cards. Simply add a favorite photo or choose a predesigned card. A custom message can also be included. The Virtual Account will be sent to the recipient via email.

eGift FAQs

Where can Visa and Mastercard virtual gift cards be used?

Virtual Accounts may only be used online and by telephone.

Are Visa and Mastercard gift cards refundable?

After being delivered to purchaser’s account or emailed to the recipient, eGift cards are non-refundable. They also cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash, credit, another card or a check.

How do I activate my prepaid card or check balances?

Call the interactive, self-service line listed on the back of the card or on our Cardholder Support page.

Can I withdraw cash from my Visa or Mastercard gift cards?

No, gift cards can only be used to make purchases.

What happens if my prepaid card is stolen or lost?

Contact our support team as soon as possible by completing our customer service form. In some cases, remaining balances may be suspended and reissued with a minor service fee.

Does my Visa or Mastercard gift card ever expire?

The Virtual Account can be used until the expiration date on the card. After the expiration, a new card can be requested by paying a reissuance fee.

* The retailers and merchants presented on this page are not affiliated with Gift Card Granny. Please visit each brand’s website for more information on its terms and conditions.

* The Visa and Mastercard Virtual Accounts can be redeemed everywhere these cards are accepted in the U.S.

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