Summer Vacation Survey Results 2018

Gift Card Granny recently surveyed nearly 3,000 US-based members to determine their budgets and spending trends for vacations in 2018. Topics such as travel habits, expected spending and destinations were analyzed.

2018 Summer Vacation Plans
Sixty percent of respondents stated they plan to take a vacation this summer, however 20% will not. Additionally, 20% of those who responded claimed they are unsure if they will go on a trip this year. Finances (40%) and personal reasons (14%) were the most common limitations for those who will not vacation this summer. 

Forty-four percent of those surveyed will take one vacation and 27.5% will take two. Ten percent of respondents will vacation three or more times, while 18% are undecided on the number of getaways.

July (21%) is the most desired month to vacation. January (2.4%), November (2.6%) and March (3%) are the three least popular months.

Comparing 2017 and 2018
Seventy-nine percent of those who went on a trip last year plan to vacation again this year. Six percent of last year's vacationers claimed they expect not to take a trip this summer while 14% are undecided.

Twenty-four percent of respondents said they will vacation this summer although they hadn't last year.

Vacation Research and Booking Trends
Gift Card Granny asked members how they research, plan or book their getaways. Results found that 71% rely on search engines, 41% scan deal websites, 40% review travel sites and 39% reference travel aggregator sites. In-person bookings through travel agencies account for 11% of the results.

Popular Vacation Destinations For Americans
The majority of survey respondents vacation in the United States (56%). Other popular locales are the Caribbean (20.4%), Europe (18.7%) and Mexico (12%). Twenty-one percent prefer all-inclusive resorts.

Respondents were twice as likely to prefer a beach vacation (49.8%) over a cruise (23%) or theme park (21.6%). Florida is the most poular vacation destination (25.7%). 

Mode Of Transportation
Fifty-five percent of survey respondents said they will travel by automobile this summer while 38% said they will fly the friendly skies. 

Average Length of Summer Vacations
The most popular vacation length as reported by a majority of respondents (60%) is four to seven days. Less popular durations are ten days (14.5%), one to three days (14%), two weeks (6%), and more than two weeks (4.6%) coming back as vacation length as reported by a majority of 60% respondents.

Average Cost Per Person
Twenty-seven point five percent of respondents reported that they typically spend between $301 - $600 per person on vacation; $601 - $1,000 per person followed closely behind (26.6%). A minority of survey takers (13%) said they usually spend more than $1,500 per person.

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Summer Vacation Survey Results