Where to Buy a Walmart Gift Card in 2023

There are a lot of different ways to buy gift cards to your favorite merchants nowadays. From making the gift card purchase in-person directly from the merchant, buying the gift card from the retailer’s online store, picking up a gift card from an entirely different business, or by finding someone who is selling a gift card they don’t plan on using at a discount, you certainly are not limited in terms of buying options in this day and age. 

Whether you are looking for gift cards for massive department store retailers or for local restaurants and food chains, buyers have more access to gift cards than they ever did before. This is extremely beneficial when you are on the hunt for the perfect present for someone you know and prefer to go the gift card route and let them decide what they want to buy with the funds. Still, even choosing a gift card for a retailer you know your gift recipient will want to shop at can be troublesome and leave you feeling at a loss. After all, how can you be sure they will find something they actually want to buy with the gift card? 

You can put many of your worries aside when you choose a gift card to one of the largest, most prominent shopping destinations in the entire country – Walmart! 

Walmart gift cards make for some of the most reliable presents around. Anybody can get use out of a Walmart gift card, from folks who need to replenish groceries and household toiletries, to those looking for the latest releases in electronics, arts and crafts supplies, and tons of affordable clothing options. Walmart sells almost everything under the sun at prices that will leave your wallet full, which means a Walmart gift card is guaranteed to go a long way and leave users feeling content with their purchases. 

Get all the facts on where you can buy a Walmart gift card at this very moment, along with important information on how to use, activate, and even sell your gift card with this helpful article. Keep reading to find out more.   

Where To Buy a Walmart Gift Card

If you are thinking of buying a Walmart gift card for someone you know, you are going to want to know the right places to look. Though gift cards and gift vouchers are extremely popular among consumers, finding specific retailers and brands can be a challenge if you are not sure which merchants to go to. Fortunately, getting your hands on a Walmart gift card is relatively easy.  

The main retailer you are going to find selling Walmart gift cards is, well, Walmart. There are other merchants that sell a variety of retail gift cards for your favorite businesses, Walmart included, but there are also many that do not offer Walmart gift cards to customers since it directly interferes with their own sales. No store that is similar to Walmart in the merchandise and services they offer is going to promote a competing business to its customers, at least for the most part. 

Can I buy a Walmart gift card anywhere besides Walmart?

You will primarily find Walmart gift cards being sold by Walmart either in-store or online. However, Walmart gift cards may also be purchased at Sam’s Club locations since Sam’s Club is owned and operated by the Walmart corporation. Walmart gift cards can also be redeemed at Sam’s Club locations; to use them, simply swipe your gift cards as you would a credit card during checkout and complete your purchase as normal. 

If you are not interested in purchasing a gift card in-store from either a Walmart or Sam’s Club location, you can find online retailers that also sell Walmart gift cards. You can even purchase a Walmart gift card through services like PayPal. 

Online retailers that exclusively sell gift cards typically offer a variety of different types to attract a wide range of customers. These types of retailers may have Walmart gift cards available, though there is no guarantee. Fortunately, Gift Card Granny does indeed offer Walmart gift cards for our customers to purchase. 

Click here to buy a Walmart gift card

Click here to buy a Walmart gift card

Other questions shoppers have include the following:

Q: What stores can you use a Walmart gift card at? 

Typically, retail gift cards can only be used at the stores that the gift cards are for. This means that if a gift card is for one particular brand, then it can only be used to make purchases from said brand. The same is true for Walmart gift cards, which are not the equivalent of cash and therefore cannot be used at merchants outside of the Walmart brand. For instance, you cannot use a Walmart gift card to buy products from Target, Amazon, Whole Foods, or any other businesses you might want to shop at. 

Unlike entirely separate businesses, Walmart gift cards may be used to make purchases at Sam’s Club since both retailers operate within the Walmart corporation. For folks who prefer to do their shopping at wholesale warehouses and already have a Sam’s Club membership, a Walmart gift card would be a worthwhile gift. 

Here is an official list of places you can use a Walmart gift card at according to Walmart’s website:

  • Walmart retail stores
  • Walmart.com
  • Sam’s Club locations
  • SamsClub.com
  • Select Murphy USA fuel stations

Q: Can I buy Walmart gift cards at CVS? 

CVS does not sell Walmart gift cards since Walmart is a direct competitor of the business. Consumers can find many retail gift cards for sale at CVS locations including ones for retailers like Target and Amazon, but Walmart gift cards are not available for purchase. Other gift cards offered by CVS consist of entertainment, travel, restaurant, and sports gift cards. 

Q: Can I buy Walmart gift cards at Walgreens? 

No, Walmart gift cards cannot be purchased at Walgreens. Though Walgreens does offer a variety of retail gift cards and prepaid gift cards for customers to buy, Walmart is not one of the retailers available at Walgreens. Walgreens does sell gift cards for retailers like Macy’s, Home Depot, Amazon, and Kohl’s. They also offer prepaid gift cards, entertainment gift cards, food and restaurant gift cards, and many more. 

How To Activate a Walmart Gift Card 

For most situations, you will not need to worry about how to activate or how to register a Walmart gift card when you purchase one as a gift. A majority of retail gift cards are ready for immediate use directly after purchase, and no extra steps need to be taken on the buyer’s part to ensure the card will work when needed. Gift cards to Walmart are no different and the funds on the gift cards can be used to complete transactions at the retailer right away, making it easy on both the buyer and the gift card recipient. 

There are some instances where you may need to manually activate your Walmart gift card. This is usually the case when the gift card value exceeds $250 or when you attempt to purchase multiple vouchers at the same time. If this is the case, an email with a unique code will be sent to you in order to complete the process. 

The three main methods of activating a Walmart gift card are:

  • Online activation
  • In-store activation 
  • Phone activation

To activate a Walmart gift card online, you will need to open the URL from the confirmation email you receive. Enter the relevant gift card information according to the prompts on your screen, all of which can be found on the voucher. You can register your Walmart gift card for extra protection at www.walmartgift.com

In-store activation is also easy. Simply take your gift card to the store and use it to make your purchase. The gift card will be automatically activated when you use it. Check with the cashier to make sure that the process was successful and request a receipt as proof of activation. 

If anyone prefers to make a simple phone call and activate your Walmart gift card that way, you can find a toll-free number on the voucher that will connect you with a customer service representative or automated voice prompts that you can follow. 

From buying Walmart gift cards online to activating and reselling unwanted gift cards, you can do pretty much everything you need to all from the comfort of your smart device. Make the most of your skills with technology and your Walmart gift card!

Where To Sell a Walmart Gift Card 

Do you have a gift card on hand that you do not plan on using? It doesn’t make sense to let a gift card go to waste when you could still make some use out of it, which is why you should consider if reselling your gift card is worth the effort. 

There are many folks who would gladly take a Walmart gift card off of your hands and use it for themselves. And finding these potential buyers is super easy when you have several options for verified places to resell your gift card and put some money in your wallet. 


CardCash is a great resource for those of us who are looking to get rid of a gift card and make extra spending money. It is one of the most reliable and reputable websites for resellers of unused or unwanted gift cards. With CardCash, you can choose to exchange your gift card for another gift card from an establishment you prefer to shop at, or you can sell it directly to CardCash for a fraction of its value. 

Immediate offers are put in by CardCash for any gift cards you choose to resell for profit, which generally fall 10% to 20% below the gift card’s value. Once you accept an offer that appeals to you, the payment will be deposited into a PayPal account or bank account. If you wish to receive a check instead, one can be mailed out to you within two days of accepting the offer. 


Raise makes selling gift cards directly to other buyers a quick, simplified process. Unlike some gift card resale platforms where your gift card is purchased by the platform itself, Raise connects users with other users who wish to purchase your unused or partially used gift cards. It should also be noted that Raise allows you to sell gift cards that do not contain their original value. As long as your gift card contains the minimum amount ($5 for virtual gift cards and $10 for physical gift cards), you can sell your gift cards at a slight discount to interested parties. Payments may be received via direct deposit or by PayPal. 

Other platforms to resell your unwanted gift cards 


We hope this article helped clear any confusion you may have had regarding purchasing Walmart gift cards. Remember that gift cards are equivalent to cash in value and it definitely pays off to make full use out of them, no matter how you choose to spend your gift card funds. Make purchases that suit your needs and use your Walmart gift card in any way that feels appropriate to you, all while you participate in responsible shopping habits!