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The gift card industry changes quickly. Bankruptcies, new websites, changing regulations, fraud, mobile gift cards, electronic gift cards and public perceptions are just a few issues we keep track of for you.

You'll also find links to articles and press about your favorite gift-giving octogenarian, Gift Card Granny.


March 26, 2021

A Guide to Creating Custom Easter Baskets

Easter is less than three weeks away. Because of the pandemic, many of us may have a tough time buying the “perfect,” Easter basket for the children or teens in our lives. I’m going to show how to create custom Easter baskets, where you consider the recipient’s personality and hobbies. This way, each basket is thoughtful and unique and something they want. We provide an …

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December 1, 2020

Holiday Gift Card Survey Results 2020

Since 2016, Gift Card Granny has sent out a survey to users for insight on gift card usage and trends for the holiday season. This year, over 2,000 US-based consumers who have visited responded. Topics such as most popular retailers, purchasing behavior and virtual gift card growth were analyzed. To find out how this year compared to years past, keep reading for all the …

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October 2, 2020

How To Use A Visa Gift Card Online

Updated 10/2/2020 Want to know a little known fact? You can shop online with a Visa gift card. So if you recently received a Visa gift card and want to redeem it for online purchases but aren't sure how it works, read this quick guide for how to's and helpful tips. How to …

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September 30, 2020

How To Use A Mastercard Gift Card On Amazon

Updated 9/30/2020 Wondering what to do with the remaining balance on your Mastercard gift card? Here's the perfect solution...use your Mastercard gift card on Amazon! It's a quick and easy way to use up Mastercard gift card balances. No matter how much is left on your gift card, you can load the remaining balance into your Amazon account. Learn how by following the simple steps below. …

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September 30, 2020

Redeem Your eBay Gift Card In Minutes

Updated 9/30/2020 eBay is great for buying and selling nearly anything. From electronics to sporting goods, they have it all! If you're one of the lucky shoppers who has an eBay gift card, it's time to put it to use! The steps below will help you easily redeem your eBay gift card. How to redeem an eBay gift card. Visit …

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July 10, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions About eGift Cards

Updated 7/10/2020 An eGift card is one of the most popular gifts to receive. There are a wide variety of restaurants and retailers that offer eGift cards because they are easy to send and make for a quick, last-minute present. But there are a few details you should know before using or sending. Below are frequently asked questions about eGift cards. What are eGift cards An electronic gift …

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March 30, 2020

How Do Walmart eGift Cards Work

Do you have a Walmart eGift card? It’s time to get shopping! The tips below will teach details such as how to use your card to make a purchase, how it’s sent and what happens if you can’t find it. What Is A Walmart eGift Card A Walmart eGift card is a code sent to a recipient via email. …

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March 25, 2020

Can You Buy A Gift Card With A Gift Card

It's an age old question: can you buy a gift card with another gift card? So, what's the deal? Is it possible and are there restrictions? Here’s what you need to know. Can You Buy A Gift Card With A Gift Card Well, yes and no. There isn’t a more defined answer because this is based on each store’s policy. …

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March 24, 2020

Activate Your Visa Gift Card In 3 Simple Steps

Visa gift cards are usually activated when purchased, allowing for instant usage. But it’s important to know that there are some that require activation. Follow the steps below if you need to activate your Visa gift card. Activate Visa Gift Card Activation instructions may slightly differ depending on which company issues the gift card. Locate the activation instructions. These can be found …

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March 19, 2020

5 Things You Should Know About Your Target Visa Gift Card

What could be better than a Target Visa gift card?! They’re easy to use and can purchase nearly anything. But there are a few things you should know if you have one in your wallet. Use the tips below to learn the ins and outs of a Target Visa gift card. 1. Where …

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