Our Top 22 Gift Cards for Employee Appreciation Presents

Do you want to recognize your employees who go above and beyond? Consider giving them gift cards to show your appreciation!

Are you looking for a great gift idea to recognize employees for a job well done and let them know you care? Giving gift cards for employee appreciation is one of the most popular ways to recognize your staff.

People love being recognized for their hard work. And with gift cards, you have a variety of options for employee recognition presents. They make perfect presents for employee reward programs.

Gift cards are one of the best ways to show your employees that you value their hard work and dedication. It also gives them the freedom to choose exactly what they want to get with a gift card, and when they want to use it. You won’t have to worry that you’ve gotten something they don’t need or won’t use, or is in the wrong size.

Leave the guesswork out of showing how much you appreciate your employees and choose to get them some of their favorite gift cards instead! 

We have plenty of gift cards that employees would love to call their own, including:

  • Gift cards for restaurants
  • Gift cards for entertainment
  • Gift cards for everyday items

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Another popular gift-giving site is GiftYa, which also offers customizable eGift cards! GiftYa lets you add custom photos or videos to all your gifts in the form of a virtual gift wrapper. A GiftYa can be sent by text or email, so the gift is always delivered within minutes. You can also schedule the gift to be sent on a specific date, such as a birthday or holiday. 

Let’s jump into some of our favorite gift cards for employee appreciation! 

1. Visa Gift Card

This gift card can be used at locations all over the world

Get a Visa Gift Card 

Visa gift cards are at the top of our list because they are one of the most popular options for employee rewards. These convenient cards can be used anywhere that accepts Visa credit cards, which means your employees can use it for anything from refueling at their favorite local coffee shop to upgrading their home office at a national big-box retailer to online shopping.

Plus, with Gift Card Granny you can customize your Visa gift cards with your company logo, which makes personalizing the gift for your employees a breeze.

Get a Visa Gift Card 

2. Columbia

Because it’s always a good idea to make sure your employees are at their best

Buy a Columbia Sportswear gift card

Buy Columbia Gift Cards

Gift cards to local fitness centers and gyms make great employee incentives, and they show you care about your employees' wellness. Consider getting gift cards to the local gym or one's nationwide like Planet Fitness or Gold's Gym. 

Help your employees stock up on all of their fitness and wellness essentials with a gift card to their favorite sportswear store. Columbia is one of our favorites because it has everything you need to bundle up for outdoor adventures or just getting cozy on the couch after a long day.

Buy a Columbia Sportswear gift card

3. Walmart Gift Card

Walmart has everything your employees might need

Get a Walmart gift card

Buy Walmart Gift Cards

Like Amazon, Walmart is a popular big box store that just about everyone shops at. With a Walmart gift card, employees can buy something for the house or the office. And since gift cards to grocery stores are popular for many people, they can even use them to buy food for their families.

Buy a Walmart gift card

4. Amazon Gift Card

Employees can pick up almost anything with an Amazon gift card

Buy an Amazon gift card

Buy Amazon Gift Cards

An Amazon gift card is a great present for employee recognition programs or holiday gifts. We don't know many people that don't use Amazon for shopping, so you don't have to worry about giving workers a card they'll never use.

You can choose to purchase traditional Amazon gift cards or Amazon eGift cards that are easy to deliver and less wasteful.

Gift Card Granny does not yet offer Amazon gift cards, but make sure you check back often! 

Buy an Amazon gift card

5. Mastercard Gift Card

Just like Visa, a Mastercard gift card allows employees to spend it on whatever they like!

Get a Mastercard gift card

Buy Mastercard Gift Cards

Mastercard gift cards are just like Visa's and can be used at any store that accepts Mastercard credit cards. Head over to Gift Card Granny and get your Mastercard gift card today.

Buy a MasterCard gift card

6. Google Gift Card

Who doesn’t want a nice Apple tech upgrade?

Buy a Google Play gift card

Buy Apple Gift Cards

Used on the Google Play Store, this gift card is an excellent choice for any employee who has an Android device! It opens the door to app purchases, as well as books, movies, and more! 

 Buy a Google Play gift card

7. Olive Garden

Dinner is always delicious at this restaurant

Buy a Darden Restaurant Group gift card

Buy Olive Garden Gift Cards

Olive Garden is a great example of a popular branded gift card that's well-liked by many people. Because of this restaurant’s popularity, these cards make great gifts for employees.

Buy a Darden Restaurant Group gift card

8. DoorDash

Have your meals delivered to you, at home or at work!

Buy a DoorDash gift card  

Buy DoorDash Gift Cards

A gift card to DoorDash makes a great present for many employees because it allows them to order from a variety of restaurants. Plus, it helps relieve the stress of cooking a meal after a busy workday.

One essential element to a successful employee rewards program is that the recipients like the gifts. Gift cards like DoorDash that provide options make great rewards.

Buy a DoorDash gift card  

9. AMC Theatres

Enjoying a movie is always sure to be a good time

Buy an AMC Theatres gift card

Buy AMC Theatres Gift Cards

Give the gift of an experience like a movie night at the local AMC Theater. Employees can watch a movie alone or take the family out for one they've been dying to see.

Movies are always a popular way to relax, so head over to Gift Card Granny and pick up a gift card for your employee’s favorite movie theater.

Buy an AMC Theatres gift card

10. Airbnb

Employees will appreciate time away with an Airbnb gift card

Get an Airbnb gift card

Buy AirBnb Gift Cards

Often one of the most expensive aspects of a family vacation is finding an affordable hotel or place to stay. It prevents many from going on relaxing trips that can help reduce stress.

With an Airbnb gift card, employers can cover part of an employee’s lodging expenses and help make trips more affordable.

Get an Airbnb gift card

11. Panera Bread Gift Card

Panera has all kinds of healthy options for breakfast, lunch, or dinner

Get a Panera gift card

Buy Panera Bread Gift Cards

Panera Bread is another popular restaurant that is perfect for employees to grab a quick lunch. Treat them to a healthy lunch on you.

Get a Panera gift card

12. Applebee's Gift Card

Stop in for good food and a good time

Buy an Applebee’s gift card

Buy Applebee's Gift Cards

Applebee's is another popular restaurant perfect for special occasions or a date night dinner. There's something on the menu for everyone, so most people would be happy to receive a gift card from here.

Buy an Applebee’s gift card

13. Gift Cards for Books

Reading time is always time well spent

Get a Barnes and Noble gift card

Buy Barnes & Noble Gift Cards

Barnes and Noble is an excellent choice for a gift card. They have such a diverse collection of books on their shelves that readers of all ages and interests can find a book that they enjoy. There is a certain pleasure in walking around the store without a specific destination, just looking at covers and titles as they catch your eye. Also, it could be the perfect occasion if they have a book on their mind and this spurs them to go and pick it up. 

Get a Barnes and Noble gift card

14. Cold Stone Creamery Gift Card

Do your employees have a sweet tooth? Cold Stone gift cards would be perfect!

Get a Cold Stone gift card

Buy Cold Stone Creamery Gift Cards

Just about everyone loves ice cream, right? Cold Stone Creamery has delicious ice cream flavors like Birthday Cake, Peanut Butter Cup Perfection, and more that everyone loves. There's something for everyone on the menu including frozen yogurt.

Get a Cold Stone gift card

15. Domino’s

Pizza is always a great idea!

Buy a Domino’s Pizza gift card 

Buy Domino's Pizza Gift Cards

Who doesn't love pizza? Many employees would love to get a gift card from Domino's. They can order pizza on a busy night after work with pizza gift cards for employee appreciation.

Buy a Domino’s Pizza gift card 

16. Shutterfly Gift Card

Print out memories with a Shutterfly gift card

Get a Shutterfly gift card

Buy Shutterfly Gift Cards

Shutterfly is a great place to buy picture gifts like photo tiles, frames, customized calendars, water bottles, mugs, and much more. Employees can buy gifts for other people or themselves that they can personalize by uploading digital photos.

Buy a Shutterfly gift card

17. Bath and Body Works

For cosmetics, bathroom supplies, and more! 

Get a Bed Bath & Beyond gift card

Buy Gift Cards Online

Bath and Body Works has a great selection of home goods like soaps, lotions, and candles. Everyone loves buying nice things for their house, so a gift card here is a great reward.

Buy a Bed Bath & Beyond gift card

18. Finish Line

Athletic apparel and shoes that everyone loves

Get a Finish Line gift card

Buy Finish Line Gift Cards

There's no denying that shoes and clothing are significant expenses for many people. Especially if they need to buy special types of clothing for work like dress or casual dress attire. Finish Line has casual clothing and shoes, so it’s a great place to get gift cards for employees as buying tennis shoes for the family can be expensive.

Buy a Finish Line gift card

19. Lowe's Gift Card

A great place to start a home improvement project!

Buy a Lowe’s gift card

Buy Lowe's Gift Cards

Lowe's has something for everyone, especially for homeowners, so a gift card here can increase employee satisfaction because you're helping them upkeep their residence. Employees can buy tools, appliances, paint, storage containers, and more even if they rent.

Buy a Lowe’s gift card

20. Staples Gift Card

Staples has everything your employees need for their work station!

Get a Staples gift card 

Buy Staples Gift Cards

Just about everyone has a home office or needs office supplies, so a gift card to Staples makes a great employee appreciation gift. Whether it's pens for work or computer paper for a home printer, there's something for everyone there. You can even buy household supplies like toilet paper and paper towels.

Get a Staples gift card 

21. Dunkin’ Donuts

Coffee is always a great way to start the day!

Buy a Dunkin' gift card

A gift card to Dunkin’ Donuts is a superb gift for your employees if they like to pick up a coffee when out and about, then Dunkin’ is a great choice.

This is a low-risk, high-reward gift card in that you can be sure they’ll enjoy every order on your card at Dunkin’. Even if they don't usually go to Dunkin’, we think they would like the incentive to go, knowing that their purchase will be on your dime. Having a gift card to Dunkin’ is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a lavish latte and a delicious donut. There are so many coffee drinks and specialty donuts nowadays that a handful of free orders are always appreciated.  

Buy a Dunkin' gift card

22. Best Buy

From movies to electronics, there’s a lot to like about a Best Buy gift card

Buy a Best Buy gift card

Buy Best Buy Gift Cards

Best Buy has all your favorite brands of electronics, appliances, and more. Whether the employee needs a new computer, electronic device, or accessory, they can find it at Best Buy, so a gift card from here makes a great present.

Unfortunately Gift Card Granny does not yet offer gift cards to Best Buy, but make sure you check back!

Buy a Best Buy gift card

That’s it for our guide to the most popular employee gift cards.

We hope you found some amazing options when it comes to picking up gift cards for employee appreciation! There are lots of options on this list, perfect for times you know employees very well and times when a Visa card is best. 

Remember: we highlighted all the gift cards on this list that are available on Gift Card Granny. Happy shopping!