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Buy an Airbnb Gift Card

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Here at Gift Card Granny, we protect all of our consumers. When you buy directly from Granny, your purchases are 100% guaranteed. If you decide to buy a discount gift card from one of our secondary market partners, all partners are required to adhere to Consumer Protection Standards.

Airbnb Tips and Tricks

Do you love to travel to new and exciting places but hate the cost of staying in a hotel? Buy an Airbnb gift card from Gift Card Granny before you pack up for your next adventure! Airbnb is an easy, affordable way to be comfortable with a roof over your head while you sleep off the day’s labor.

Tips for Using Your Airbnb Gift Card

Start looking for your dream vacation home early! Reservations fill up quickly, and since there are no limitations on the season or location for using your gift card, you’ll have the pick of the lot if you start looking early.

How can I purchase a gift card?

Gift cards are available through Gift Card Granny as both digital cards and physical cards. A minimum of $25 is required to purchase a gift card, and at the moment, gift cards must be purchased by a person living within the United States using USD.

What if I would like to purchase more than one gift card?

You can do this! Keep in mind, however, that if you would like to purchase gift cards in bulk via Airbnb’s corporate purchasing site, you must spend a minimum of $1,000.

Can I use an Airbnb gift card for any Airbnb?

Gift cards can be used for most Airbnb properties, as long as the funds have already been distributed to your account. Exceptions for the application of the gift card to your total include reservations booked for 28 nights or more, changes made to an already existing reservation, or the second payment, should you choose to pay with Airbnb’s “pay less upfront” option.

Frequently Asked Questions About Airbnb

How do I redeem a gift card?

You must be logged into Airbnb’s website to redeem a gift card. If you don’t already have an account, you will be prompted to make one. Go to Airbnb’s gift card redemption page. Enter the 19-digit card number (no spaces or dashes). From there, you will be prompted to enter an alphanumeric PIN into a box; enter the 13-digit PIN into the space provided. Finally, click “Apply to Account.” Your gift card amount will be added to your Airbnb account.

Do I have to use my gift card within a certain timeframe?

Your gift card will not expire as long as you apply it to your account within ninety days of its purchase. If you do not apply it to your account in that time, whichever account purchased the gift card will be refunded in full. It will then show as “returned” and you will not be able to reinstate it.

What do I do if my gift card is lost or stolen?

Once a gift card is purchased, the responsibility falls to whoever is in possession of it. If you have already added the gift card funds to your account and something happens to the card, there’s no reason to worry. The funds will stay in your account. If you have yet to add the funds to your account and something happens to the card, the funds will be returned to whichever account purchased the card.

If I need to cancel my reservation, will my gift card be refunded?

Any cancellations are subject to the same rules laid out in Airbnb’s cancellation policy. Refunds are determined by the host’s individual cancellation policy. You may be eligible for a full refund from Airbnb if your cancellation is brought on by extenuating circumstances, such as death, government-mandated obligations, or severe damage to the home that makes it unsafe to host guests.

How do I check the balance of my gift card?

Log into your Airbnb account and go to payment methods in your account. Look for the section called “Airbnb Gift Card” with the current balance. Click “Show details” to see a list of all the gift cards applied to your account. Or you can also check it here.

About Airbnb

Airbnb seeks to help you find adventure. With homes available all over the world, you can find your next adventure nearly anywhere--complete with unique homes, new experiences, and exciting places to see.

Airbnb believes in diversity. In order to uphold their non-discrimination policies they’ve taken initiative to encourage their hosts to try to understand bias and belonging more. They’ve developed a toolkit to better help their members understand discrimination and the biases that cause it.

Comments about Airbnb

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