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Tips and tricks

  1. Need a gift for a special occasion? Use Shutterfly to create a one-of-a-kind photo gift.
  2. Save with a promo code. Check Shutterfly’s Promotions details page for promo codes that can help you save money during checkout.
  3. Refer a friend on Shutterfly. Share a special offer with a friend when you sign up.

Your questions answered about Shutterfly gift cards

Where are Shutterfly gift cards sold?

Shutterfly gift cards are sold at participating retailers, including Gift Card Granny! You can also purchase them at

Does my Shutterfly gift card have an expiration date?

Shutterfly gift cards do not expire!

I need to check the balance of my Shutterfly gift card. How do I do that?

Check your Shutterfly gift card balance online or over the phone. 

Are there restrictions on using my Shutterfly gift card?

Electronic gift cards are not valid for use on the Shutterfly mobile app at this time. They are also not valid towards Shutterfly Pro purchases. You must have or create a Shutterfly account to use your gift card-- signing up is easy!

What is the minimum/maximum amount I can place on a Shutterfly gift card?

Shutterfly offers both traditional and eGift cards. Choose from values of $10 to $100. 

My gift card didn’t work-- I got an error message!

The most common error message for gift cards is invalid code. This is typically because either a number or letter was skipped when it was typed, or a letter was mistaken for a number and vice versa.

If the error message states that the code has already been redeemed, double-check your account to see if it has already been added. Contact Shutterfly customer service if you continue to have issues with your gift card.

How can I redeem a Shutterfly gift card?

You can redeem your Shutterfly gift card on the Shutterfly website. You can store your gift card on your account or add it at the end during a purchase. In all cases, if the total cost of the purchase is more than the amount of the gift card, you will be expected to cover the difference with another form of payment.

I don’t see an expiration date on my Shutterfly gift card.

Your Shutterfly gift card is good forever unless you live in a state with unclaimed property laws that specifically refer to unused gift card balances. Refer to those laws for more information.

If I lose my Shutterfly gift card, can I get it replaced?

You are responsible for your gift card. Shutterfly will not replace lost or stolen gift cards. 

About Shutterfly

Shutterfly was founded in 1999 and has become a leader in photo-based, personalized products. 

Shutterfly focuses on helping customers preserve memories through gorgeous memorabilia and stationery. Just a small selection of their products include announcements, blankets, canvas prints, metal prints, glass products, and photo books. You can upload as many pictures as you want to your account, and they’ll never, ever be deleted.

Use Shutterfly for all of your photo and gift needs-- their personalization and the emotions such gifts evoke will never disappoint.

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